Gone but Never Forgotten - A tribute to APS Peshawar martyrs

(Abdul Basit, Karachi)

16 December 2014, A catastrophic day that no Pakistani would ever possibly forget. The day when little brave soldiers of our nation immortalized their names with golden words in the darkest history book. Every eye tears and every heart aches today as we are observing the 3rd anniversary of this darkest chapter. On this day in 2014, six terrorists stormed the school and martyred one hundred and forty-seven students and teachers and the responsibility of such brutal massacre was claimed by Qari Ehsanullah Ehsan, currently under detention. The security forces promptly responded to the attack and killed all the terrorists, yet the moment of fear makes us cry when we imagine the faces of those innocent little children who lost their lives in such a horrible tragedy

Today we all stand to this day after 3 years of that darkest chapter of Pakistani history, we remember those who got taken away from us. When these innocent little flowers were plucked away from our gardens, whole nation cried blood tears on that devastating attack. Perhaps and indeed that coward attack was not only meant to martyr these angles but to take the whole nation down at once. Yet the sacrifice was not in vain as the catastrophe brought the whole nation and the leaders together.

National action plan was chalked out by the government and the surrounding around the terrorist became even tighter. The government has executed a number of facilitators in the Peshawar attack after trials in military courts. The Peshawar High Court recently decided against the release of Qari Ehsanullah Ehsan, after the parent of a student martyred in the APS attack apprehended a possible deal between the government and Ehsan and pleaded before the court to disallow any such development. The APS tragedy had led historic national unity and promoted the nation to make a firm resolve against terrorism and extremism.

Many songs have been produced in order to pay tribute to those who were lost in horrible tragedy and time by time we suddenly feel the pain inflicted towards our nation, but we never stop missing our heroes. As the fragrance of these little buds flourish the entire country today, we remember and pay tribute to our fallen little heroes. Due to these sacrifices, APS Peshawar emerged as a strong fort and peace is now being spread all over the country because of these young martyrs. The enemy had putted us through the blackest day yet every year on this day, we observe that our fallen angels have turned that darkest day into a hope of brightest future for all the kids from every corner of their beloved motherland. Whole nation salutes you our innocent martyrs۔

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