Law of the Nature and Man

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

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Introduction: Law of the Nature is the natural invisible rule. It supersedes the worldly law, i.e., the common-law of the mortal that does not have any concrete retaliation impact. It has no permanent footing. Generally, the common-law does not implement in its true sense on account of which, the privileged class takes undue advantages depriving the unprivileged people of their rights. It depends on time-zone and has material characteristics. On the other hand, the Law of Nature relates to the invisible world. It can be visualized and conceived through right analyzing and belief, but is not easy to understand. It does not depend on the time zone also has a severe retribution impact if remedial steps are not taken in time. The Law of Nature once invokes cannot be changed and abolished. It continues from the unknown date and will continue till the indefinite day as no one knows its inception and culmination except Allah.

The Law of Nature has countless characteristics some of them are given below:-
1) Eternity: It is not the law of today – neither the law of the past nor the law of the future. It has the quality of perpetuity. It gives the natural rights to human beings, but simultaneously puts natural obligations on them. If a man does not care his natural obligations, the Nature does the needful on its way to balance him. If he does not mend himself, despite the repeated signs and warnings of nature, then the natural justice comes into force and action - he collapses into the hell and no forgiveness is furnished to him by Nature.
2) End-to-End Justice: Justice of nature is different from the justice of the land as justice of nature is evidently invisible only can be visualized by wise and the God-fearing person. It has the character of End-to-End Justice means when proceedings of the justice are started, then no interruption is tolerated and no pardon is offered unless the wrong-doers are punished.
3) Impact and Blessing: The Law of Nature through Heavenly Books indicates that all miseries and despondencies upon people come on account of their deeds and actions as well as all favors and graciousness come on them by the blessing of Allah. It implies: “as you sow, so shall you reap”.
4) Equality: Nature bestows all its favors and fortunes on human beings equally – its punishment is also equal – one who obliges the law of nature gets rewards from Nature irrespective of his religion and belief. On the other hand, if he/she disobeys the law of nature, he/she is punished severely either he is the son / wife or close relative of the Prophet of Allah.
5) Universality and Independently: The Law of Nature works independently and has the quality of universality because it involves every person and everything of the universe. It has dynamic systems of law that continue and carry on from the unknown date. The Law of Nature wants every man should remain dynamic and support to one another. He is mortal so should make temporary arrangements to lead his life, keeping in view justice and fairness. It is against the stagnation, especially the accumulation of wealth into a few hands because it is dangerous not only for the universal and domestic peace, but also all those individuals who accumulate wealth and do not expend it on needy people.
6) Fatality: If Law of Nature is defied on the mass scale, then no one can prevent the destruction and fatality except Allah. The Heavenly Books have clearly informed human beings about the destruction of the strong and big kingdoms with their footed inhabitants because they disobeyed the law of nature in large scale although they were warned by Nature through the Prophets.
7) Conclusion: Man must obey the law of nature in his own interest by putting his life on the right path following justice in all walks of life, otherwise be ready to face the severe consequences of his negative deeds and injustices as it is a universal truth that ‘act is a fact’. Further, wrongdoers should mend themselves as death is chasing them – each passed day putting them near the demise and dreadful accountability.

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