Load Shedding


At the time of election every party promises to fulfill the basic needs and demands of the people but when it comes to power it forgets its promises. We voted for the people’s party expecting a better result but when the people’s party came into power again the same tradition was repeated. Instead of solving the problems of common men Zardari become the chairman of PPP and started accommodating his relatives and friends in the government. Load shedding added to the misery of common man. With load shedding factories which had provided bread and butter to 90 percent labor class were closed; inflation increased. When factories were closed thousands of people became jobless which added to their miseries. Many people committed suicide because they could not meet the demands of life. The common man had been already hit hard by the sky rocketing prices. To add fuel to the fire load shedding added to his woes. The common man could get relief back home previously after a day’s work. He would enjoy the TV, sleep in a well ventilated room with a cooler which was enough to beat the heat but now he is frustrated whether he is at a job or jobless without electricity. If he is at a job he cannot afford the facilities of UPS or generator to protect him from hot weather.

Who will solve the problem of load shedding? The minister water and power makes promises but doesn’t fulfill them. The government should make dams installed grid stations so that the common may doesn’t suffer and they should plan ten years in advance to meet the needs of the growing population. Let’s hope and pray that the problem of load shedding is solved soon and we are able to make progress industrially and economically.

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