A Worst Nightmare or Unpredictable Reality?

(Sagar, Karachi)

Pakistan has been ravaged by many problems and we have all been hearing it over and over again. How Pakistan has become the hub of terrorism, our unacceptable behavior towards females, and extremism grasping our mindset and many such news revolving in our surroundings. You have all been hearing it on news channels and journals and social media where politicians and other governmental institutions have left no stone unturned in brining bad reputation to our country. Critics and commentators are repeating the same stuff consistently with slight changes depending on the scenarios, trying to create a picture of impending dangers awaiting to destroy the lives of our beloved citizens. So why is it that we are still unable to improve after 72 years?

I keep waiting for someone to highlight the very fundamental cause to all these problems. Yes, the cause. Terrorism, extremism and feudalism are the symptoms of a problem that are causing damage to our country’s social environment slowly and steadily. To find out the root cause, we need to dig deep down to the ground level supporting the growth of these problems over the years. According to my views, the most of the problems are happening due to ignorance and unacceptability of impact caused by their actions.

When you take a bird’s eye view over the whole scenario, you can easily trace all social problems emerging from this basic problem of escaping from reality instead of facing it. The best solution is to spread the light of knowledge. If a terrorist attack takes place, hundreds of people lives are destroyed leaving the after-effects of it to remain for generations. A loss of precious human being life worth is nothing. Most of the crimes are committed by an ignorant person who has evil intentions towards the peaceful lives of other citizens. Only a truthful and wise person becoming a source of enlightenment can guide them well to the right path of living.

You will probably ask that there are many educated bankers, lawyers and executives who are involved in all sorts of wrongdoings and frauds. It clearly defines that there is a thin line of difference between illiterate and uneducated person. If you are not embedded with a sense of moral justice and ethical behavior then education degree is of no use because the implications of an education are not shaping up the real personality of that person eligible of following ethical values and code of conduct properly. Most of the people think that school is the hub of knowledge which will let a child to remain under circumstances and take fair decisions of life. However, schools curriculum confined to course outline might not include the teachings of ethical values where parents have to ensure that their child is being groomed well, unlikely togo towards a direction whose costs is unaffordable for our country.

I believe that lack of education would take care of most of our problems, provided if a fair and just system is implemented correctly. If people of Pakistan want to remain secure from dreadful attacks, criminal acts and such incidents disturbing the norms of our society. It might sound simple but it is a prolonged process of execution.

We keep studying the same subjects, same topics repeatedly. And its not even the syllabus itself which is outdated but it is also the teaching standard too. New ideas are being suppressed, creativity is being killed and we are all expected to become an army of corporate hungry slaves trained to follow orders blindly. Teachers feel threatened when asked a question they are unable to answer or when their views are challenged. We all know how rote memorization is resisting the growing trend of conceptual learning quite effectively. Why?? Because we want an easy way out right? Why spend hours actually learning when you can just bypass the tediousness and get grades? WRONG. That is exactly what is wrong with our mentality. Our youth is used to be handed things on a silver platter. Our whole educational system is centered on marks and scores and grades isn’t it? That is one of the obvious reasons why people actually opt for cheating instead of actually studying. Parents reward us for scoring well, not for actual learning. The pressure to beat out the competition is so high, is it any wonder students are committing suicides over test marks in order to avoid telling their parents. And parents have their own traditionalist mindset of either doctors or engineers.

You can see the glaring difference within cities themselves, not counting the villages and rural areas. People with half baked knowledge tend to show they are experts in whatever fields they claim expertise to. While in fact, they actually participate in the degeneration of human intellect and growth of our country. They need to be held responsible for this widespread and criminal negligence. The degradation of the education system overall is one of the most alarming problems in Pakistan because all the other problems branch out from it.


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