Thousands over millions

(Zaid Mahmood Butt, Karachi)

People are happy at the defeat of the state, the population is celebrating at the recent results of the protests, chaos and riot which took place under the banner of Islamisation in the country’s capital Islamabad. The state capital was under siege by the couple of thousands of people who believed themselves to be the carrier and savior of Islam. The people which scared the government, law enforcement agencies and the even the mouth piece of Pakistani public, the media houses were under threat by the war mongers.

In 1070 AD, William I of England presented the crown to pope and his coronation took place under the pope Alexander. People were threatened and their lives were under siege from 5th century to 15th century by church and we remember that period as medieval time or the age of darkness, where affairs were handled by the church and the pope was the supreme leader.

In 2017, after 947 years, something similar took place in the heart of Islamic world, Pakistan, the nuclear power, world’s 26th largest economy and the country with sixth largest standing military was under siege by couple of thousands of people.

Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, where the Quran and Ahadith are supreme guide to form laws and regulations, where Shariah courts are able to exercise their roles in formation and implementation of laws. The council of Shurah is present to guide government on Islamic laws and millions are spent on building Maddarassahs and Mosques. Hafiz-e-Quran are given priorities in universities and colleges and promotion of religion can be observed in every segment of the society, still just thousands of people claim to be the righteous protectors of Islam can take hostage the proud nation of Pakistan.

These thousands not only over powered the millions but also forced the state of Pakistan to sign a humiliating agreement, which is more humiliating than the treaty of Versailles, which slapped the state and forced them to submerge the pride of the nation.

The draft coerced the state to provide monetary compensation to people who destroyed the government and private property and humiliated the state-owned police and law enforcement agencies.

They forced the state to accept their people in the body deciding the fate of Punjab minister Rana Sanuallah, who is an elected parliamentarian by the people of his constituency. It is not only a slap on the State of Pakistan’s face but also to thousands of voters, as their elected person will be disqualified or most probably executed if found to be a culprit under the rules and guidance of a religious group with just couple of thousands of seasonal members.

People are celebrating the defeat in joyous manner and flaunting the flags of that so-called religious movement but they are forgetting the fact that history repeats itself. Protestors who demonstrated their power in the capital, who abhorred the laws of the state and destroyed properties worth of millions just got the slap on the wrist and are free to create more havoc and chaos in upcoming years.

I wish I never see that time when lips will be sealed and heads will be chopped off just for expressing the opinions which are not acceptable to the so called religious heads. May Pakistan be a great nation where every opinion will be respected and every life be mattered, where people will respect the different idea and multi culturalism be promoted and encouraged.


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