Goodness of Reciting Durood Shareef

(Muhammad Rafique Etesame, Ahmedpureast)

For every Durood Shareef that you recite, ten sins are forgiven, ten good deeds are entered into your sheet of actions and ten positions are upgraded.
Allah showers ten blessings on the man who recites a Durood.

The first man who will meet the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) on the Day of Judgement will be that person who had recited the Durood maximum number of times in his life time.

Those who recite Durood in maximum number will be nearest and dearest to the Holy Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) in the next world.
If any one is involved in a difficulty then he must recite countless number of Durood Shareefs.

Reciting Durood Shareef eradicates poverty and hunger.

If the Sawaab of the Durood Shareef is dedicated to another person, then that person will receive the Sawaab, while the Sawaab of the reciter will not be lessened.

Reciting excessive Durood Shareef brings purity.

Reciting maximum number of Durood Shareef is full compensation of all sins.

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