Surah Furqan with English Translation

Read Surah Furqan with English Translation or listen audio mp3 - It is the 25 Surah in the Quran with 77 verses, you can read full Surah Furqan with English Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 18 - 19 and it is called Makki sura.

Para: 18 - 19 Voice: Abdul Baset Abdul Samad. English by Naeem Sultan using the Pickthall Translation.

Surah Furqan is the 25th chapter of the Quran in Juz 18 and 19, with 77 verses and six ruku. The name of this Surah is taken from its first verse, where the word Al-Furqan is mentioned. It’s a Makki Surah that revealed on Holy Prophet at the time when there was the top of a famine in the region. The subject of this Surah is revolving around Allah, Prophets, and sinners and righteous. Surah Furqan with English translation is now available on Hamariweb so you can easily understand the meaning of every word of Surah.

Surah Furqan with English Translation
Surah Furqan with English translation on this web page, explains the actual message of Surah for its user, so those who cannot understand Arabic can also get knowledge of the central message of Surah Furqan.

This surah theme is about how some people denying the words of the Quran. Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him and his Sunnah. In Surah, Allah answers all the objections of disbelievers and also warns them about the result of their doubts. This Surah describes the choices and what falsehood is and what is right. It also explains the characteristics of the Believers as standard to show the truth of Islam.
Surah Furqan with English translation on Hamariweb is perfect and word to word proper translation of the Arabic version.

Benefits of Surah Furqan
Whoever recites Surah Furqan and keeps it in his possession will never be damaged by the vermin of this world.
Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him said that the person who read Surah Furqan would be taken to heaven without questioning if he believes in the Day of Judgment and the Raising of the Dead.
Whoever recite Surah Furqan verses 74, 75, and 76, 21 times for three days and pray for marriage, Inshallah, they will get good news.

You can listen and read the SurahFurqan with English translation in the voice of Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Naeem Sultan. This web portal has provided Surah Furqan with the English translation so its users can understand the meaning of Arabic more conveniently. And an essential purpose of providing Surah Furqan with English translation to fulfill your need for understanding the Quran. Through this webpage, you may also freely download the Surah Furqan with English translation in your devices and listen to it.

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Surat Al Furqan with English Translation is surely the best thing I saw online. Listening to it on repetition and still not over from it. I want to thank you for this incredible service that enable people like us to listen Holy Quran on regular basis now.

abid, khi Mon 06 Jun, 2016

I have just started listening to Surat Al Furqan online from this link. It has been said that Surat Al-Furqan is recited 108 times to get rid of cruel rulers. English translation is also available for the assistance. Now I can understand Holy Quran.

Uzma, Karachi Tue 17 May, 2016