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Quran with Urdu Translation – Reciting Holy Quran on regular basis is very much possible with the availability of online Audio Quran facility. Muslims all over the world can facilitate from this amazing service that can help you to listen to Holy Quran and interpret its meaning with the support of Urdu translations.

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Surah Muzammil
Browse down several sites and found that, via this website you can get correct and error- less Surah Muzammil with Urdu Translation
Aqsa , Islamabad Wed 16 Oct, 2019
Surah Al Imran
I am looking for Surah Al Imran with Urdu Translation for deeper knowledge, finally find it on They had offer such a perfect translations of every Surah.
Ahmed Butt, Lahore Wed 16 Oct, 2019
Surah Hud
Kindly download wali option ko b dal day....
Sehar, Khaber Thu 10 Oct, 2019
Surah Nooh
ap iska urdu tarjuma theek krdein ayat num 22 mein یعوق hai aur apny یعقوب likha hoa hai
SYED ASAD, KARACHI Mon 30 Sep, 2019
Surah Nasr
The every ayat Urdu meaning are having in this way of the Qurani surah that provide us the best detail of every surah with their meaning
urwa, karachi Fri 27 Sep, 2019
Surah Al Imran
There is a great guidance about our Islam now having in this online way that give us by these surah of the holy Quran in this way
nabiha, islamabad Fri 27 Sep, 2019
Surah Fatiha
Instead to get any trouble I have just listening the tilawat of the any surah of the holy Quran that gives me the best guidance about to live mine life by the good way
ramees, karachi Fri 27 Sep, 2019
Surah Rahman
The every surah of the holy has the sign fence of all over the Muslims who recite it to get the best guidance in their life
aneela, karachi Fri 27 Sep, 2019
Surah Fatiha
Can anybody Tell me That How Can I Download It For Listen Offline Quran If Downloads Available So???
Munib Ali, Karachi Wed 18 Sep, 2019
Surah Yaseen
JazakAllah... Allah Pak Is Azeem Mahnat Ko Apki Qubool Faramain Apko Is per ajr.e.azeem Ata KArain Aameen
Munib Ali, Karachi Wed 18 Sep, 2019

You can even listen to Holy Quran along with English translations. This is surely an amazing service that can help you to earn blessings of Allah Almighty. Listen and encourage others to listen Audio Quran with Urdu translation that can help you to understand and implement the teachings of Holy Quran perfectly well.

Listening to the Quran makes it easier for many people to learn, however, listening to the Quran with Urdu Translation has its own perks as we can now understand what we are listening to and this all together makes listening to the verses with meaning an incredible experience. Quran audio with translation is a good way to teach your children the meaning of each verse as they learn. Quran audio online is available anytime you want to listen to the Holy verses and we even have Quran audio mp3 online that can help your phone in properly playing these beautiful recordings.

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