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Quran with Urdu Translation – Reciting Holy Quran on regular basis is very much possible with the availability of online Audio Quran facility. Muslims all over the world can facilitate from this amazing service that can help you to listen to Holy Quran and interpret its meaning with the support of Urdu translations.

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This Surah covers all important matters related to women. It is a reason that this Surah is named as Surah Nisa. May Allah give guidance to all of us.
Fahad, Hyderabad Mon 21 Jun, 2021
Being a Muslim, it is our responsibility to understand the true meaning of Quran and the recitation of Surahs can play a key role in this regard.
Umair, Peshawar Mon 21 Jun, 2021
I want to Hifz or memorize Surah Muzammil. However, this website is helping me a lot to accomplish this task. Here, I can read the complete Surah without any hassle.
Kashif, Karachi Mon 21 Jun, 2021
Bibi Maryam (Blessings of Allah Be Upon Her) was the mother of Hazrat Issa (Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him). This Surah has information about the key Islamic figures.
Usman, Lahore Mon 21 Jun, 2021
This website is doing such a great job by providing Arabic text and translation of different Surahs including Surah Al Imran. I often utilize this portal for that purpose.
Rauman, Larkana Mon 21 Jun, 2021
Dua or prayer has great significance in our religion Islam. However, Surah Fatiha is also a complete dua that we ask from Allah in every Salat or Namaz.
Azmat, Peshawar Mon 21 Jun, 2021
Hazrat Yousuf (Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) faced several hardships during his life. Surah Yusuf tells us that Allah helps those who do Sabr in difficult times.
Danish, Karachi Mon 21 Jun, 2021
The punishment of grave is too hard and the recitation of Surah Mulk is beneficial for people who want to keep themselves safe from it.
Yasir, Karachi Mon 21 Jun, 2021
Surah Waqiah has 96 verses and you should make a habit of its recitation if you are facing any issues regarding your economic or financial situation.
Parvez, Lahore Mon 21 Jun, 2021
I was looking for a website where I can listen to the recitation of whole Surah Kahf in the soulful voice of Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais and just found it on this website.
Jamshed, Islamabad Mon 21 Jun, 2021

You can even listen to Holy Quran along with English translations. This is surely an amazing service that can help you to earn blessings of Allah Almighty. Listen and encourage others to listen Audio Quran with Urdu translation that can help you to understand and implement the teachings of Holy Quran perfectly well.

Listening to the Quran makes it easier for many people to learn, however, listening to the Quran with Urdu Translation has its own perks as we can now understand what we are listening to and this all together makes listening to the verses with meaning an incredible experience. Quran audio with translation is a good way to teach your children the meaning of each verse as they learn. Quran audio online is available anytime you want to listen to the Holy verses and we even have Quran audio mp3 online that can help your phone in properly playing these beautiful recordings.

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