Surah Hud Ayat No. 59

سورة هود

وَتِلۡكَ عَادٌ‌ۙ جَحَدُوۡا بِاٰيٰتِ رَبِّهِمۡ وَعَصَوۡا رُسُلَهٗ وَاتَّبَعُوۡۤا اَمۡرَ كُلِّ جَبَّارٍ عَنِيۡدٍ‏ ﴿۵۹

Surah Hud Ayat 59 with Urdu Translation

یہ (وہی) عاد ہیں جنہوں نے خدا کی نشانیوں سے انکار کیا اور اس کے پیغمبروں کی نافرمانی کی اور ہر متکبر وسرکش کا کہا مانا  ﴿۵۹

Surah Hud Ayat 59 with English Translation

And such were A'ad. They denied the revelations of their Lord and flouted His messengers and followed the command of every froward potentate. ﴾59﴿ 

Read online Quran Surah Hud Ayat 59 (Verse) with Urdu Translation. You can find here complete Surah Hud Ayat wise so you select Ayat 59 and read it. provides complete Quran verses online with Urdu and English translation. This Surah Hud Ayat 59 (Verse) is Recited by Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Shaikh Su'ood As-Shuraim, Urdu Translation by Moulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandari.

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