Surah Infitar with English Translation

سورة الإنفطار
Para / Chapter 30 (Surah Al-Infitar)
Voice/Recited AbdulBaset AbdulSamad. The English is read by Naeem Sultan using the Pickthall Translation.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

When the heaven is cleft asunder,﴾1﴿ When the planets are dispersed,﴾2﴿ When the seas are poured forth,﴾3﴿ And the sepulchres are overturned,﴾4﴿ A soul will know what it hath sent before (it) and what left behind.﴾5﴿ O man! What hath made thee careless concerning thy Lord, the Bountiful,﴾6﴿ Who created thee, then fashioned, then proportioned thee?﴾7﴿ Into whatsoever form He will, He casteth thee.﴾8﴿ Nay, but ye deny the Judgment.﴾9﴿ Lo! there are above you guardians,﴾10﴿ Generous and recording,﴾11﴿ Who know (all) that ye do.﴾12﴿ Lo! the righteous verily will be in delight.﴾13﴿ And lo! the wicked verily will be in hell;﴾14﴿ They will burn therein on the Day of Judgment,﴾15﴿ And will not be absent thence.﴾16﴿ Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!﴾17﴿ Again, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!﴾18﴿ A day on which no soul hath power at all for any (other) soul. The (absolute) command on that day is Allah's.﴾19﴿ 


Surah Infitar with English Translation

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asalaam lakum is there anyone that can do tafseer in English INSHA ALLAH

abdul halim abdussalaam, elizbath nj Wed 20 Mar, 2019

Subhan Allah! I don’t have words to express my love and gratitude after listening to audio Holy Quran with English translation for Surat Al Infitar online on this page. Jazak Allah. May Almighty Allah bless you for this amazing service! Ameen.

wahaj, khi Mon 06 Jun, 2016

Giving us the access to listen Surat Infitar with English translation is a blessing. I can now listen to it with ease. The audio quality is perfect. I am all blessed and happy to listen to this amazing Surah Al Infitar.

Dawood, Karachi Tue 17 May, 2016