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Read Surah Infitar with English Translation or listen audio mp3 - It is the 82 Surah in the Quran with 19 verses, you can read full Surah Infitar with English Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 30 and it is called Makki sura.


Para: 30 | Voice: Abdul Baset Abdul Samad. English by Naeem Sultan using the Pickthall Translation.

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

When the heaven is cleft asunder,﴾1﴿ When the planets are dispersed,﴾2﴿ When the seas are poured forth,﴾3﴿ And the sepulchres are overturned,﴾4﴿ A soul will know what it hath sent before (it) and what left behind.﴾5﴿ O man! What hath made thee careless concerning thy Lord, the Bountiful,﴾6﴿ Who created thee, then fashioned, then proportioned thee?﴾7﴿ Into whatsoever form He will, He casteth thee.﴾8﴿ Nay, but ye deny the Judgment.﴾9﴿ Lo! there are above you guardians,﴾10﴿ Generous and recording,﴾11﴿ Who know (all) that ye do.﴾12﴿ Lo! the righteous verily will be in delight.﴾13﴿ And lo! the wicked verily will be in hell;﴾14﴿ They will burn therein on the Day of Judgment,﴾15﴿ And will not be absent thence.﴾16﴿ Ah, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!﴾17﴿ Again, what will convey unto thee what the Day of Judgment is!﴾18﴿ A day on which no soul hath power at all for any (other) soul. The (absolute) command on that day is Allah's.﴾19﴿ 

Surah infitar is the 82nd chapter of the Quran with 19 verses and one ruku. The name of this Surah taken from its first word, where word Fatarat is mention from which word infitar derived means “the splitting.” It’s a Makki Surah that revealed on Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him in Makkah in starting days of his proclamation of Prophethood. The main subject of this Surah is revolved around Hereafter. Surah Infitar with English translation is now available on Hamariweb so you can easily understand the meaning of every word of Surah.

Surah Infitar with English Translation on this web page clarifies the actual message of Surah for its user, so those who cannot understand Arabic can also get knowledge of the main message of Surah infitar. The central theme of Surah infitar is that it retells human being that Allah has blessed them a great impartial shape, but they and the entire universe are reliant on Allah. The creation of the world and humans has a motive, and the Judgment day will come.
Surah Infitar with English translation on Hamariweb is perfect and word to word proper translation of the Arabic version.

< b>Benefits of Surah Infitar
Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him said that whoever recites Surah Infitar frequently in his salat, on the Day of Judgment, there will be no curtain between him and Allah, and when his file of the deed will show, Allah will protect him from shame.

If any prisoner writes this Surah and keeps it with him, he will be free soon and will remain safe from any danger.
Read Surah Infitar and blow it on eyes for treatment.
Recitation of this Surah also helps to get forgiveness of your sins if they are as many as raindrops.
For the acceptance of any hajaat read Surah Infitar 7 times.

You can listen to the Surah infitar with English in the voice of Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Naeem Sultan. This web portal has provided Surah Infitar with the English translation so its users can understand the meaning of Arabic more conveniently. And an essential purpose of providing Surah infitar with English translation to fulfill your need for understanding the Quran. Through this web page, you may also freely download the Surah Infitar with English translation in your devices and listen to it peacefully.

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asalaam lakum is there anyone that can do tafseer in English INSHA ALLAH

  • abdul halim abdussalaam, elizbath nj
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Subhan Allah! I don’t have words to express my love and gratitude after listening to audio Holy Quran with English translation for Surat Al Infitar online on this page. Jazak Allah. May Almighty Allah bless you for this amazing service! Ameen.

  • wahaj, khi
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Giving us the access to listen Surat Infitar with English translation is a blessing. I can now listen to it with ease. The audio quality is perfect. I am all blessed and happy to listen to this amazing Surah Al Infitar.

  • Dawood, Karachi
  • Tue 17 May, 2016