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Read Surah Mulk with English Translation or listen audio mp3 - It is the 67 Surah in the Quran with 30 verses, you can read full Surah Mulk with English Translation online. The surah's position in the Quran in Juz 29 and it is called Makki sura.


Para: 29 | Voice: Abdul Baset Abdul Samad. English by Naeem Sultan using the Pickthall Translation.

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

Blessed is He in Whose hand is the Sovereignty, and, He is Able to do all things.﴾1﴿ Who hath created life and death that He may try you which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving,﴾2﴿ Who hath created seven heavens in harmony. Thou (Muhammad) canst see no fault in the Beneficent One's creation; then look again: Canst thou see any rifts?﴾3﴿ Then look again and yet again, thy sight will return unto thee weakened and made dim.﴾4﴿ And verily We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame.﴾5﴿ And for those who disbelieve in their Lord there is the doom of hell, a hapless journey's end!﴾6﴿ When they are flung therein they hear its roaring as it boileth up,﴾7﴿ As it would burst with rage. Whenever a (fresh) host is flung therein the wardens thereof ask them: Came there unto you no warner?﴾8﴿ They say: Yea, verily, a warner came unto us; but we denied and said: Allah hath naught revealed; ye are in naught but a great error.﴾9﴿ And they say: Had we been wont to listen or have sense, we had not been among the dwellers in the flames.﴾10﴿ So they acknowledge their sins; but far removed (from mercy) are the dwellers in the flames.﴾11﴿ Lo! those who fear their Lord in secret, theirs will be forgiveness and a great reward.﴾12﴿ And keep your opinion secret or proclaim it, lo! He is Knower of all that is in the breasts (of men).﴾13﴿ Should He not know what He created? And He is the Subtile, the Aware.﴾14﴿ He it is Who hath made the earth subservient unto you, so Walk in the paths thereof and eat of His providence. And unto Him will be the resurrection (of the dead).﴾15﴿ Have ye taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not cause the earth to swallow you when lo! it is convulsed?﴾16﴿ Or have ye taken security from Him Who is in the heaven that He will not let loose on you a hurricane? But ye shall know the manner of My warning.﴾17﴿ And verily those before them denied, then (see) the manner of My wrath (with them)!﴾18﴿ Have they not seen the birds above them spreading out their wings and closing them? Naught upholdeth them save the Beneficent. Lo! He is Seer of all things.﴾19﴿ Or who is he that will be an army unto you to help you instead of the Beneficent? The disbelievers are in naught but illusion.﴾20﴿ Or who is he that will provide for you if He should withhold His providence? Nay, but they are set in pride and frowardness.﴾21﴿ Is he who goeth groping on his face more rightly guided, or he who walketh upright on a straight road?﴾22﴿ Say (unto them, O Muhammad): He it is who gave you being, and hath assigned unto you ears and eyes and hearts. Small thanks give ye!﴾23﴿ Say: He it is Who multiplieth you in the earth, and unto Whom ye will be gathered.﴾24﴿ And they say: When (will) this promise (be fulfilled), if ye are truthful?﴾25﴿ Say: The knowledge is with Allah only, and I am but a plain warner;﴾26﴿ But when they see it nigh, the faces of those who disbelieve will be awry, and it will be said (unto them): This is that for which ye used to call.﴾27﴿ Say (O Muhammad): Have ye thought: Whether Allah causeth me (Muhammad) and those with me to perish or hath mercy on us, still, who will protect the disbelievers from a painful doom?﴾28﴿ Say: He is the Beneficent. In Him we believe and in Him we put our trust. And ye will soon know who it is that is in error manifest.﴾29﴿ Say: Have ye thought: If (all) your water were to disappear into the earth, who then could bring you gushing water?﴾30﴿ 

The 67th chapter of the holy Quran is known as Surah Mulk that is placed on the 29thParah of the Quran. There are 30 verses and 2 rukus in Surah Mulk and it is revealed on Holy Prophet Peace be Upon Him in Makkah so it is counted as Makki Surah. The name of the Surah is taken from the word Al-Mulk mentioned in its first verse. The Surah Mulk is also known as Tabarak means the bountiful. The main objective of this Surah is the change of the heart so that people can fulfill their order to know, provide, and worship the Divine. Surah Mulk with English translation is now available on Hamariweb so you can easily understand the Tafseer of Surah.

Surah Mulk with English Translation
Surah Mulk with English translation on this web page clarifies the actual message of Surah for its user so those who cannot understand Arabic can also get knowledge of Surah Mulk. The main points discussed in the verses of Surah Mulk divided into 8 different parts which are as follows

The verses from 1 to 5 in Surah Mulk are talking about Allah made this world with some purpose and it has been made as an exam and test for a man about who embraces the correct way and who an inappropriate one. A fundamental result of this preliminary is that a Day should come wherein the honorable are rewarded and the disobedient be punished. He further discussed the wonderful arrangement of the Creation of the universe of presence and man.

The verses from 6 to 11 in Surah Mulk discussed the force and sustenance of the Almighty so apparent right now proof that the individuals who deny judgment day should confront the torment of hell.

The verses from 12 to 14 are based on the knowledge that the individuals who remain scared of Allah and whose good deeds are in the knowledge of Lord shall be rewarded.

The verses from 15 to 18 explain why almighty created this world and it’s a source of reminder for a person of great reality. he ought to completely profit by the entirety of its delights and offices yet ought to consistently remember that these benefits involve a day of judgment before the Almighty; not in any event, for a minute should an individual become ignorant of his Lord's grip and should consistently recollect that at whatever point the Almighty means, He can crush him by sending on him a natural disaster.

The verses from 19 to 21 describe that whatever is suspended in the skies is held by Allah. He is observing all the things. And if anyone is in need of His help and supports then no one can able to help out him.

The verses from 22 to 23 clarify that only those individuals will accomplish their goals who stay on the right path whereas who becomes a slave of their desires will never accomplish their goals.

The verses from 24 to 27 discuss the torments of the Hell, and the discussions of the individuals of the Hell on the Day of Resurrection;

The last verses that are 28 to 30 inform the wrongdoers and disbelievers that disbelievers face trouble with torment in this universe and the Hereafter.

Surah Mulk with English translation on Hamariweb is provided word to word proper translation of the Arabic version.

Benefits of Surah Mulk
There are a lot of benefits and virtues of reciting Surah Mulk some of them are
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated that “There is a surah in the Holy Quran that consists of thirty verses that call for a man until his sins are pardon.”

The above mention Hadith clarifies that if an individual keep on to recite Surah Mulk then on the Judgment day, she will persist to plead until Allah forgives all her sins.

One of the most remarkable benefits of reading Surah Mulk is that an angel comes for the protection of a person who recites it before going to sleep.

You can listen to the Surah Mulk with English in the voice of Shaikh Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais&Naeem Sultan. This web portal has provided Surah Mulk with English translation so its users can understand the meaning of Arabic more conveniently. And the most important purpose of providing Surah Mulk with English translation to fulfill your need for understanding the Quran. Through this web page, you may also freely download the Surah Mulk with English translation in your devices and listen to it peacefully.

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