Hadith on Tayammum

Tayammum Hadith of Sahih Bukhari book from Chapter No. 7 The Book Of Tayammum (Rubbing Hands And Feet With Dust) written by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari. This chapter has 15 Hadith in total regarding Hadith on Tayammum. Sahih Bukhari book has a total of ninety-nine chapters and 7558 hadiths in this collection.

 Chapter Name  The Book Of Tayammum (Rubbing Hands And Feet With Dust)
 Book Name  Sahih Bukhari
 Writer  Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari
 Chapter Number  7
 Total Hadith  15
 Translation   English, Urdu, Arabic
 Baab  Tayammum Ke Ehkam O Masail

Sahih Bukhari 334

Narrated `Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) We set out with Allah's Apostle on one of his journeys till we reached Al- Baida' or Dhatul-Jaish, a necklace of mine was broken (and lost). Allah's Apostle stayed there to search for it, and so did the..


Sahih Bukhari 335

Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah: The Prophet said, I have been given five things which were not given to any one else before me. -1. Allah made me victorious by awe, (by His frightening my enemies) for a distance of one month's journey. -2. The..


Sahih Bukhari 336

Narrated `Urwa's father: Aisha said, I borrowed a necklace from Asma' and it was lost. So Allah's Apostle sent a man to search for it and he found it. Then the time of the prayer became due and there was no water. They prayed (without ablution)..


Sahih Bukhari 337

Narrated Abu Juhaim Al-Ansari: The Prophet came from the direction of Bir Jamal. A man met him and greeted him. But he did not return back the greeting till he went to a (mud) wall and smeared his hands and his face with its dust (performed..


Sahih Bukhari 338

Narrated `Abdur Rahman bin Abza [??]: A man came to `Umar bin Al-Khattab and said, I became Junub but no water was available. `Ammar bin Yasir said to `Umar, Do you remember that you and I (became Junub while both of us) were together on a..


Sahih Bukhari 339

Narrated Sa`id bin `Abdur Rahman bin Abza: (on the authority of his father who said) `Ammar said so (the above Statement). And Shu`ba stroked lightly the earth with his hands and brought them close to his mouth (blew off the dust) and passed them..


Sahih Bukhari 340

Narrated `Abdur Rahman bin Abza: that while he was in the company of `Umar, `Ammar said to `Umar, We were in a detachment and became Junub and I blew the dust off my hands (performed the rolling over the earth and prayed.) ..


Sahih Bukhari 341

Narrated `Abdur Rahman bin Abza: `Ammar said to `Umar I rolled myself in the dust and came to the Prophet who said, 'Passing dusted hands over the face and the backs of the hands is sufficient for you.' ..


Sahih Bukhari 342

Narrated `Ammar: As above. ..


Sahih Bukhari 343

Narrated `Ammar: The Prophet stroked the earth with his hands and then passed them over his face and the backs of his hands (while demonstrating Tayammum). ..


Sahih Bukhari 344

Narrated `Imran: Once we were traveling with the Prophet and we carried on traveling till the last part of the night and then we (halted at a place) and slept (deeply). There is nothing sweeter than sleep for a traveler in the last part of the..


Sahih Bukhari 345

Narrated Abu Wail: Abu Musa said to `Abdullah bin Mas`ud, If one does not find water (for ablution) can he give up the prayer? `Abdullah replied, If you give the permission to perform Tayammum they will perform Tayammum even if water was..


Sahih Bukhari 346

Narrated Shaqiq bin Salama: I was with `Abdullah and Abu Musa; the latter asked the former, O Abu `Abdur-Rahman! What is your opinion if somebody becomes Junub and no water is available? `Abdullah replied, Do not pray till water is found. ..


Sahih Bukhari 347

Narrated Al-A`mash: Shaqiq said, While I was sitting with `Abdullah and Abu Musa Al-Ash`ari, the latter asked the former, 'If a person becomes Junub and does not find water for one month, can he perform Tayammum and offer his prayer?' (He applied..


Sahih Bukhari 348

Narrated `Imran bin Husain Al-Khuza`i: Allah's Apostle saw a person sitting aloof and not praying with the people. He asked him, O so and so! What prevented you from offering the prayer with the people? He replied, O Allah's Apostle! I am..


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