Hadith on Destiny

Destiny Hadith of Sahih Muslim book from Chapter No. 47 The Book Of Destiny written by Imam Muslim. This chapter has 52 Hadith in total regarding Hadith on Destiny. Sahih Muslim book has a total of fifty-eight chapters and 7563 hadiths in this collection.

Chapter Name The Book Of Destiny
Book Name Sahih Muslim
Writer Imam Muslim
Chapter Number 47
Total Hadith 52
Translation English, Urdu, Arabic
Baab Taqdeer Ka Bayan
Sahih Muslim 6723

Abdullah (b. Mas'ud) reported that Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) who is the most truthful (of the human beings) and his being truthful (is a fact) said: Verily your creation is on this wise. The constituents of one of you are..

Sahih Muslim 6724

This hadith has been reported on the authority of A'mash with the same chain of transmitters and in the hadith transmitted on the authority of Waki' (the words are): The creation of any one of you is like this that (semen) is collected in the..

Sahih Muslim 6725

Hudhaifa b. Usaid reported directly from Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) that he said: When the drop of (semen) remains in the womb for forty or fifty (days) or forty nights, the angel comes and says: My Lord, will he be good or..

Sahih Muslim 6726

Abdullah b. Mas'ud reported: Evil one is he who is evil in the womb of his mother and the good one is he who takes a lesson from the (fate of) others. The narrator came to a person from amongst the Companions of Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ..

Sahih Muslim 6727

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of 'Abdullah b. Mas'ud through another chain of transmitters. ..

Sahih Muslim 6728

Abu Tufail reported: I visited Abu Sariha Hudhaifa b. Usaid al-Ghifari who said: I listened with these two ears of mine Allahs Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) as saying: The semen stays in the womb for forty nights, then the angel, gives it..

Sahih Muslim 6729

Hadhaifa b. Usaid Ghifari, a Companion of Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ), reported it directly from Allah's Messenger (may peace upon him). as he said: There is an angel who looks after the womb when Allah decides to create any-..

Sahih Muslim 6730

Anas b. Malik reported directly from Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) that he said: Allah, the Exlated and Glorious, has appointed an angel as the caretaker of the womb, and he would say: My Lord, it is now a drop of semen; my Lord,..

Sahih Muslim 6731

Ali reported: We were in a funeral in the graveyard of Gharqad when Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) came to us and we sat around him. He had a stick with him. He lowered his head and began to scratch the earth with his stick, and..

Sahih Muslim 6732

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of Mansur with the same chain of transmitters but with a slight variation of wording. ..

Sahih Muslim 6733

Ali reported that one day Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) was sitting with a wood in his hand and he was scratching the ground. He raised his head and said: There is not one amongst you who has not been allotted his seat in Paradise..

Sahih Muslim 6734

This hadith has been narrated on the authority of 'Ali through another chain of transmitters. ..

Sahih Muslim 6735

Jabir reported that Suriqa b. Malik b. Ju'shuin came and said: Allah's Messenger, explain our religion to us (in a way) as if we have been created just now. Whosoever deeds we do today, is it because of the fact that-the pens have dried (after..

Sahih Muslim 6736

This hadith has been transmitted on the authority of Jabir b. Abdullah with the same wording (and includes these words): Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) said: Every doer of deed is facilitated in his action. ..

Sahih Muslim 6737

Imran b. Husain repotted that it was said to Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ): Has there been drawn a distinction between the people of Paradise and the denizens of hell? He said: Yes. It was again said: (If it is so), then What is..

Sahih Muslim 6738

This hadith has been narrated through other chains of transmiters with slight variations of wording. ..

Sahih Muslim 6739

Abu al-Aswad reported that 'Imran b Husain asked him: What is your view, what the people do today in the world, and strive for, is it something decreed for them or preordained for them or will their fate in the Hereafter be deterrained by the fact..

Sahih Muslim 6740

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (way peace be upon him) as saying: Verily, a person performs deeds for a long time like the deeds of the people of Paradise. Then his deeds are terminated like the deeds of the people of Hell and, verily, a..

Sahih Muslim 6741

Sahl b. Sa'd reported it from Allah's Messenger ( ‌صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم ‌ ) that a person performs deeds like the deeds of the people of Paradise apparently before people and he would be amongst the dwellers of Hell and a person acts apparently..

Sahih Muslim 6742

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (way peace be upon him) as saying: There was argument between Adam and Moses. Moses said to Adam: You are our father. You did us harm and caused us to get out of Paradise. Adam said to him: You are Moses...


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