Sahih Muslim

Sahih Muslim is written by Imam Muslim. There are 7563 hadiths and 58 chapters in the collection. You can read here different hadees with translation on several topics such as Pilgrimage, Marriage, Rain, Purification, etc.
 Book Name  Sahih Muslim
 Writer  Imam Muslim
 Total Chapters  58
 Total Hadith  7563
Chapter No. Name Total Hadith
0 Introduction 93 Hadith
1 The Book of Faith 441 Hadith
2 The Book of Purification 145 Hadith
3 The Book of Menstruation 158 Hadith
4 The Book of Prayers 324 Hadith
5 The Book of Mosques and Places of Prayer 409 Hadith
6 The Book of Prayer - Travellers 267 Hadith
7 The Book Of the Merit Of The Holy Quran 114 Hadith
8 The Book of Prayer - Friday 93 Hadith
9 The Book of Prayer - Two Eids 26 Hadith
10 The Book of Prayer - Rain 19 Hadith
11 The Book of Prayer - Eclipses 34 Hadith
12 The Book of Prayer - Funerals 140 Hadith
13 The Book of Zakat 232 Hadith
14 The Book of Fasting 285 Hadith
15 The Book of Aetikaaf 11 Hadith
16 The Book of Pilgrimage 607 Hadith
17 The Book of Marriage 170 Hadith
18 The Book of Suckling 84 Hadith
19 The Book of Divorce 91 Hadith
20 The Book of Invoking Curses 27 Hadith
21 The Book of Emancipating Slaves 31 Hadith
22 The Book of Transactions 161 Hadith
23 The Book Of Musaqah 178 Hadith
24 The Book Of The Rules Of Inheritance 23 Hadith
25 The Book Of Gifts 41 Hadith
26 The Book Of Wills 31 Hadith
27 The Book Of Vows 19 Hadith
28 The Book Of Oaths 88 Hadith
29 The Book Of Oaths,Muharibin,Qasas( Retaliation), and Diyat (blood Money_ 56 Hadith
30 The Book Of Legal Punishments 72 Hadith
31 The Book Of JudiCial Decisions 28 Hadith
32 The Book Of Lost Property 21 Hadith
33 The Book Of Jihad And Expeditions 181 Hadith
34 The Book of Government 271 Hadith
35 The Book of Hunting , Salughter and what may be Eaten 92 Hadith
36 The Book of of Sacrifices 63 Hadith
37 The Book of of Drink 258 Hadith
38 The Book of Clothes and Adornment 201 Hadith
39 The Book of Manners and Etiquette 60 Hadith
40 The Book of Greetings 216 Hadith
41 The Book Concerning the use of Correct Words 23 Hadith
42 The Book of Poetry 12 Hadith
43 The Book of Dreams 41 Hadith
44 The Book of Virtues 231 Hadith
45 The Book of the Merits of the Companions 331 Hadith
46 The Book of Virtue, Enjoining Good Manners, and Joining of the Ties of Kinshio 223 Hadith
47 The Book of Destiny 52 Hadith
48 The Book of Knowledge 30 Hadith
49 The Book Pertaining to the Remembrance of Allah , Supplication , Repentance and Seeking Forgiveness 147 Hadith
50 The Book of Repentance 70 Hadith
51 Characteristics of the Hypocrites and Rulings Convering Them 106 Hadith
52 The Book of Paradise , its Description , its Bouties and its Inhabitants 105 Hadith
53 The Book of Tribulations and Protents of the Last Hour 182 Hadith
54 The Book of Zuhd and Softening of Hearts 106 Hadith
55 The Book of Comentary on the Quran 41 Hadith

Sahih Muslim in English

Sahih Muslim is the well-acknowledged collection of hadiths gathered by Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Naysaburi. This collection of hadiths is regarded among authentic ahadith collection. However, Sahih al-Bukhari along with Sahih Muslim regarded as "Two Sahihs" or "Sahihain". It possesses around 7500 hadith (with repetitions) in 58 books.


Sahih Muslim in English Translation – It’s a collection of hadith compiled by Imam Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj al-Naysaburi (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ). His collection is considered to be one of the most authentic collections of the Ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ). Book contains roughly 7563 Hadith (with repetitions) in 58 books.

Imam Muslim's full name is Abu al-Husain Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj ibn Muslim ibn Warat al-Qushayri al- Naysaburi (206-261 AH/821-875 AD), commonly known as Imam Muslim. He wrote many books and treatises on Hadith, but the most important of his works is the collection (Jami’) of his Sahih. He originally named his book Musnad as- Sahih Muslim and mentioned in his book that he wrote authored such a book in response to a question from one of his students.


Sahih Muslim Hadith Book, just like Sahih Bukhari contains many important Hadith related to many important aspects. Book has a bayaan upon the rules of transactions, the rules of divorce, wills, vows, oaths, punishments, property, government, agreements and many other aspects related to these problems. Sahih Muslim in English translation book is considered to be the most authentic book after Sahih Bukhari and consider as second most authentic Hadith collection. This hadith book is as important for Hadith as Sahih Bukhari. You can find all the Sahih Muslim in English related to the chapters in the book on this page. You can click on the chapter and find hadith which are the most authentic written in hadith book.