Today Sehri & Iftar Time in Mumbai - India

Today, April 21 2024 - Mumbai Sehri Time is 05:00 AM and Iftar Timing in Mumbai is 6:59 PM, according to the 12 Shawwal 1445 in the Islamic calendar. The month of Ramadan's observance timings in Mumbai are aligned with the position of sunrise and sunset. The city observes Sehri, the pre-dawn meal, at 05:00 AM, marking the beginning of the day's fast. As the sun dips below the horizon, the fast is broken at Iftar time, which is at 6:59 PM.

Date Sehri Iftar
21 Apr, 2024 05:00 am 6:59 pm
Jafria: Sehr 04:50 Am Iftar 07:09 Pm
Note: 1 minute preventative difference in Sehri (-1 min) & Iftar (+1 min)

Mumbai Sehri Time and Iftar Time 2024

21 April, 2024 - Today Sehri Time in Mumbai is 05:00 am and Iftar Time 6:59 pm on Islamic date 12 Shawwal 1445. Full 30 days Ramadan fasting calendar for Mumbai with Suhoor and Iftar time includes PDF Download option available for convenience.

30 Days Mumbai Sehri & Iftar Calendar

21 Apr 2024 05:00 AM 6:59 PM
22 Apr 2024 05:00 AM 6:59 PM
23 Apr 2024 04:59 AM 6:59 PM
24 Apr 2024 04:58 AM 7:00 PM
25 Apr 2024 04:57 AM 7:00 PM
26 Apr 2024 04:56 AM 7:00 PM
27 Apr 2024 04:56 AM 7:01 PM
28 Apr 2024 04:55 AM 7:01 PM
29 Apr 2024 04:54 AM 7:01 PM
30 Apr 2024 04:53 AM 7:02 PM
01 May 2024 04:52 AM 7:02 PM
02 May 2024 04:52 AM 7:02 PM
03 May 2024 04:51 AM 7:03 PM
04 May 2024 04:50 AM 7:03 PM
05 May 2024 04:50 AM 7:03 PM
06 May 2024 04:49 AM 7:04 PM
07 May 2024 04:48 AM 7:04 PM
08 May 2024 04:48 AM 7:05 PM
09 May 2024 04:47 AM 7:05 PM
10 May 2024 04:46 AM 7:05 PM
11 May 2024 04:46 AM 7:06 PM
12 May 2024 04:45 AM 7:06 PM
13 May 2024 04:45 AM 7:06 PM
14 May 2024 04:44 AM 7:07 PM
15 May 2024 04:44 AM 7:07 PM
16 May 2024 04:43 AM 7:08 PM
17 May 2024 04:43 AM 7:08 PM
18 May 2024 04:42 AM 7:08 PM
19 May 2024 04:42 AM 7:09 PM
20 May 2024 04:41 AM 7:09 PM

Sehri Iftar Time for Mumbai - Month of Ramadan 2024:

Managing your fasting schedule with a detailed Sehri and Iftar times calendar for Mumbai. This comprehensive guide provides accurate timings for Sehri and Iftar, along with both Islamic and Georgian calendar dates, catering to the needs of individuals in Mumbai and nearby areas daily all over the year and during the month of Ramadan.

Fasting, a fundamental pillar of Islam, involves partaking in the pre-dawn meal known as Sehri and breaking the fast with the evening meal, Iftar. Sehr o Iftar calendar of Hamariweb helps in planning, preparing in advance, and ensuring a smooth experience for those observing Roza or Sawm.

Remember, Sehri is also known as suhoor or Sahoor, while Iftar is referred to as iftari in various parts of the world.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Fasting Experience:

Follow the recommended practice of concluding your meal one or two minutes before the Azaan e Fajr. Ulema advises stopping eating a minute or two before the designated Sehri time. Ensure timely Iftar by knowing the exact Mumbai Iftar time.

Permanent Sehri and Iftar Timings:

Our page offers a year-round schedule, allowing you to access Mumbai roza timings not only for Ramadan 2024 but also for future dates. Both fiqa Hanafi Sunni and fiqa Jafria Shia timings are provided for your convenience. However, maintaining a one-minute difference between Mumbai Sehri time and Iftar time is recommended. Stay informed and organized throughout the year with our user-friendly Mumbai Sehri and Iftar times calendar. Plan your meals accordingly, easily observe the sacred month of Ramadan, and ensure a fulfilling fasting experience.

Ramadan is a time of spiritual devotion, self-discipline, and communal worship within the Muslim community. The month of fasting begins when Moon-sighting committees meet after sunset on Shaban 29, to look for a crescent moon. This year, the sighting of the new moon is expected on March 11th, 2024 and the fasting begins the next day, on March 12th, 2024. During Ramadan in Mumbai, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, avoiding food, drink, and other physical needs. They engage in increased prayer and recitation of the Quran, seeking closeness to Allah. Charity and acts of kindness are emphasized, with Muslims giving to those in need through Zakat and Sadaqah. Be sure to check the official timings of Mumbai Sehri time today and Mumbai Iftar time to organize your day effectively during Ramadan.

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a significant month, and Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in India, enthusiastically observes this holy month. Mumbai Ramadan timing 2024 includes iftar time today and sehri time mumbai. The city is known for its diverse Muslim population, and the month of Ramadan is celebrated with great joy and unity.

In Mumbai, India, Ramadan is a special time for Muslims, who make up over 20% of the city's population. They wake up before sunrise for Suhoor, a meal to start their fasting day, and come together with family and friends for Iftar, the evening meal to break their fast at iftar time today in Mumbai.

During Ramadan, mosques like Hamidiya Masjid, Dargah Masjid, Sunni Pathan Masjid, and Minara Masjid, Juma Masjid, become busy hubs for prayers and community gatherings. Muslims pray together and offer special night prayers called Taraweeh. Some Muslims also observe Itikaf, a time of intense spiritual focus usually in the last ten days of Ramadan. Many Muslim societies in the city organize Iftar parties, where people come together to break their fast and enjoy delicious food.

Mumbai is also famous for its street food, and during Ramadan, the streets come alive with food stalls selling a variety of delicacies like kebabs, biryanis, and sweets. Muslims in Mumbai observe the month of Ramadan with great reverence and devotion, and the city is known for its unique and vibrant Ramadan celebrations. People residing in Mumbai can benefit from this Mumbai Ramadan timing 2024 schedule that would help them to keep track of iftar time today & sehri time Mumbai.

What is Mumbai Sehri and Iftar time today?

Today Sehri and Iftar times in Mumbai are as follows:

  • Today Sehri time in Mumbai for Fiqa Hanafi: 05:00 AM
  • Today Iftar time in Mumbai for Fiqa Hanafi: 6:59 PM
  • Sehri time Mumbai today Fiqa Jafria: 04:50 AM
  • Today Iftar time Mumbai Fiqa Jafria: 07:09 PM

What is the time of Sehri in Mumbai?

Today 21 April 2024, the (suhoor) Sehri time in Mumbai is 05:00 AM.

What is the time of Iftar in Mumbai?

Today 21 April 2024, the (fasting) Iftar time in Mumbai is 6:59 PM

What are the Sehri and Iftar times today according to Fiqh Hanafi?

Sehri time Mumbai today is 05:00 AM according to Fiqa Hanafi; and Iftar time Mumbai Fiqa Hanafi is: 6:59 PM as on 21 April 2024.

What are the Sehri and Iftar times today according to Fiqh Jafria?

Sehri time Mumbai today is 04:50 AM according to Fiqa Jafria (Shia); and Iftar time Mumbai Fiqa Jafria is: 07:09 PM as on 21 April 2024.

What are today's start and end times for Ramadan fasting in Mumbai?

The start of Ramadan Fasting in Mumbai is 05:00 and end Time of Fasting in Mumbai is 6:59 .

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The spiritual practices of Ramadan like Taraweeh prayers and reciting the Quran deepen faith and connection to Allah.

  • Muzammil , Mumbai

The calendar's detailed information on sehr and iftar times offers clarity and structure to the fasting routine. It also allows us to observe Ramadan with confidence.

  • Sohail , Mumbai

Access convenient and accurate timings for Sehr and Iftar in Mumbai, supporting Muslims in their fasting practices and spiritual observance effortlessly.

  • Shahrukh , Mumbai

Ramadan teaches us patience and empathy. When we feel hungry or thirsty, we remember those who go without food and water every day.

  • Kumail , Mumbai

These pages encourage community engagement by sharing additional resources and information related to Ramadan.

  • Sehrish , Mumbai

Disclaimer: We make every effort to verify all information in but it’s always better to double consult from your local Mosque / Masjid. If there is any issue, concern or you find any error, please email us at [email protected]. Please note there is a 1 minute preventative difference in both as Sehr Time set 1 minute earlier and Iftar 1 minute later here.