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Saudi Arabia Prayer Timings - Today Accurate Prayer Timings of Saudi Arabia, detail Salah schedule & timetable. All cities Fajr time in Saudi Arabia, Dhuhur, Asr time in Saudi Arabia, Maghrib time & Isha timing with customize option of prayer times calculation methods & juristic methods. Saudi Arabia cities Prayer Times with Qibla direction and complete guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Medina 5:03 am 12:06 pm 3:24 pm 5:51 pm 7:21 pm
Sultanah 5:03 am 12:07 pm 3:24 pm 5:51 pm 7:21 pm
Ad Dammam 4:21 am 11:24 am 2:41 pm 5:08 pm 6:38 pm
Buraydah 4:46 am 11:49 am 3:06 pm 5:32 pm 7:02 pm
Riyadh 4:35 am 11:38 am 2:56 pm 5:23 pm 6:53 pm
Jeddah 5:04 am 12:08 pm 3:27 pm 5:55 pm 7:25 pm
Mecca 5:01 am 12:06 pm 3:25 pm 5:53 pm 7:23 pm
Tayif 4:59 am 12:03 pm 3:23 pm 5:51 pm 7:21 pm
Khamis Mushayt 4:49 am 11:54 am 3:14 pm 5:44 pm 7:14 pm
Tabuk 5:16 am 12:19 pm 3:34 pm 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

Saudi Arabia Prayer Timings (Top Cities)

• Riyadh • Tabuk
• Jeddah • Taif
• Makkah • Hofuf
• Al-jubail • Najran
• Dammam • Khamis Mushayt
• Al Khobar • Al Madina
• Buraydah • Yanbu Industrial City
• Rabigh • Jizan
• Al Kharj • Khobar
• Jarir • Al Madinah

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Riyadh Prayer Times

There is a mosque on every 1km in Riyadh and almost all mosque timing of Salah are same. So after checking this time of starting Salah we know when Jamah will be started. This helps a lot to go mosque on time.

Imran, Riyadh Tue 15 Jun, 2021
Riyadh Prayer Times

These prayer times for whole month are great to learn from, now we can add this page to favorites and visit whenever we want to see the prayer timings.

Aqil, Riyadh Thu 03 Jun, 2021
Riyadh Prayer Times

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia and the city has several beautiful mosques. I often visit them during the prayer time.

Saif, Riyadh Mon 31 May, 2021
Riyadh Prayer Times

When I need to offer salah at home I use this website to check prayer timing in my city Riyadh.

Taha, Riyadh Tue 29 Dec, 2020
Al Khobar Prayer Times

On this website, we can check both prayer time and Islamic calendar for Al Khobar without any hassle.

Zeeshan, Al Khobar Tue 29 Dec, 2020
Al-jubail Prayer Times

Whenever I need to check the prayer time for my city Al Jubail, I visit this website.

Jibran, Al Jubail Tue 29 Dec, 2020
Riyadh Prayer Times

I was searching for a website where I can check the prayer time for my city Riyadh and just find on this website.

Talal, Riyadh Mon 21 Dec, 2020
Al Khobar Prayer Times

Al Khobar is among the important cities of Saudi Arabia. I am living here from five years and use this website to check prayer timing.

Yousuf, Al Khobar Mon 21 Dec, 2020
Al-jubail Prayer Times

A lot of Muslims from different countries live in Al Jubail for the job or employment. This website is crucial for them as they can simply check the prayer time.

Zahid, Al Jubail Mon 21 Dec, 2020
Riyadh Prayer Times

Me and my family members always visit this informative page to check the prayer time of our city Riyadh.

Yasir, Riyadh Mon 14 Dec, 2020
Saudi Arabia Prayer Timings 2020 - Find today Accurate Namaz Timings of Saudi Arabia, Find detail Salaat Schedule & Timetable. Get Fajar (Fajr) timing in Saudi Arabia, Dhuhur, Asr time in Saudi Arabia, Maghrib timing in Saudi Arabia & Isha timing in Saudi Arabia Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Namaz ke Awqat with Qibla direction for proper guidance for your Namaz.

Saudi Arabia is regarded as the center of Islam and it is a reason that several people want to know about the Saudi Arabia prayer timings. The country is geographically the biggest sovereign state in Western Asia. Another great thing about Saudi Arabia is that it is the only country with both a Persian Gulf coast and a Red Sea coast, and most of its terrain consists of mountains, lowland, and arid deserts.

Saudi Arabia is a country where the religion of Islam was originated. It is a reason that the country has several holy places for Muslims. The Muslim population in the country follows Saudi Arabia prayer timings for 5 times prayers. In addition, each year millions of Muslims visit Mecca and Medina for religious tourism including Hajj and Umrah. Almost all of the population of Saudi Arabia is Muslim. However, foreign workers doing job or business in the country are from different religious backgrounds such As Christianity, Hinduism, etc.

Due to the high Islamic cultural heritage and history, several mosques have been built in the country. According to some reports, there are over 94,000 mosques in Saudi Arabia. With this large number of mosques, anyone can understand the significance of Saudi Arabia Salat timings or Saudi Arabia prayer timings.

In Ramadan Kareem, almost all of these mosques are filled with Muslims, as a large number of Muslims come from all over the world to perform Umrah. These mosques offer free Sehri (morning meal) and Iftar (evening meal) to Muslims so they cannot face any problem while keeping fast in the holy month.

Which are the famous mosques in Saudi Arabia?
When talking about Saudi Arabia, the country has several mosques and worship places that are the true representation of Islamic heritage and has great significance among Muslims. Name of some of them are given below:

• The Great Mosque of Mecca – Masjid Al Haram
• Al-Masjid an-Nabawī
• Quba Mosque
• Masjid al Qiblatain

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