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Jeddah Prayer Timings - Accurate 27 Apr, 2017 Today's Jeddah Prayer Timings are Fajar 4:34 am, Dhuhur 12:21 pm, Asr 3:43 pm, Maghrib 6:47 pm & Isha 8:17 pm. Find Azan and Salat Schedule & 7 Days Timetable. Daily Fajar (Fajr) timing in Jeddah, Dhuhur, Asr time in Jeddah, Maghrib Jeddah prayer timing in & Isha Jeddah Namaz timing. Today's 29 Rajab 1438 Jeddah Namaaz ke auqat (Awqat) with next 7 days Schedule from 27 Apr, 2017 to 03 May, 2017 and Qibla direction with Customizable Prayer Time Calculation Methods to calculate proper time for your Namaz.

Today's Prayer Times of Jeddah

29 Rajab 1438
4:34 AM
5:55 AM
12:21 PM
3:43 PM
6:47 PM
8:17 PM
Date Fajar Sunrise Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Apr 27 4:34 am 5:55 am 12:21 pm 3:43 pm 6:47 pm 8:17 pm
Apr 28 4:33 am 5:54 am 12:21 pm 3:43 pm 6:47 pm 8:17 pm
Apr 29 4:32 am 5:53 am 12:20 pm 3:42 pm 6:48 pm 8:18 pm
Apr 30 4:32 am 5:53 am 12:20 pm 3:42 pm 6:48 pm 8:18 pm
May 01 4:31 am 5:52 am 12:20 pm 3:42 pm 6:49 pm 8:19 pm
May 02 4:30 am 5:51 am 12:20 pm 3:41 pm 6:49 pm 8:19 pm
May 03 4:29 am 5:51 am 12:20 pm 3:41 pm 6:49 pm 8:19 pm
* All Timings are Beginning Times
* All Timings are Beginning Times
Change Month:
* All Timings are Beginning Times
Jeddah Nawafil Prayer Timing ( اوقات نوافل )
Calculation Methods
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
Juristic Methods
Latitude /  Longitude:
21.5169 /  39.2192

(Method & Fiqah)
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This Jeddah prayers timing is really good and helpful thing for me that will give me the authentic prayers timing schedule of mine city prayers timing

aleeza, Jeddah Tue 25 Apr, 2017

this page is very good and mind blowing for Jeddah people. On this page timing of prayer is absolutely right.

habib, jeddah Thu 06 Apr, 2017

This Is the great benefit for me that the prayer timing of Jeddah Is available there now I don’t have to worry for missed the Namaz and opportunity to perform Namaz of time on right time of Jeddah

Zain, Jeddah Sun 05 Feb, 2017

Sometimes mine grandfather forget the some prayers timing so he ask me about that so with the help of this site I can tell him the every prayers timing

arzoo, jeddha Wed 04 Jan, 2017

Only for getting the right prayer timing of my city use this beautiful page of Islamic information which is daily show me the prayer timings

Anam, Jeddah Tue 27 Dec, 2016

I am getting the full advantage of jeddah prayer timings page on this site. In my opinion this is the best ever online service for Muslims residing in jeddah to offer Namaz on time. Being a Muslim, I also follow this page.

Rukhsar, jeddah Thu 15 Dec, 2016

Praying five times in a day it’s an obligatory on all Muslims and you should have to pray on time when you have these type of best prayer timing pages who shows you every prayer time in a day

Arham, Lahore Wed 14 Dec, 2016

I am glad to access this Jeddah prayer timings page that can allow to me pray five times a day There is no Mosque near my office so that's why i pray daily with the help of this page on right time

Sameer, Jeddah Fri 09 Dec, 2016

For the Muslim community, it is really difficult to living in a non Muslim country especially for those who never want to loss Salah but with the help of Hamariweb jeddah Prayer timings page I can easily note the Salah timings and never faced any problem in jeddah

Afsana, jeddah Wed 07 Dec, 2016

I am here for work and currently finding difficulty in prayer time then my friend suggest me this beautiful page of prayer timing and now I am feeling relax in this for

Basheer, Jeddah Fri 02 Dec, 2016

Jeddah prayer timing page gives me a big opportunity that now I don’t want comes here daily to give me the weekly scheduled of Jeddah prayer timing

Taha, Jeddah Tue 29 Nov, 2016

I see this site at first time and this is the very helpful thing for everyone who want to remembering the timing of prayers

zunera, Jeddah Sun 27 Nov, 2016

I really like every prayers timing page because it give us the schedule of the Namaz and I follow this schedule daily

sundas, chakwal Tue 25 Oct, 2016

This prayers timing schedule is very helping for those who offered the five time prayers many Muslims can follow this schedule for remembering the prayers timing

razia, hydrabad Sun 23 Oct, 2016

My grandmother us this page because she getting very old so she forget some time of the prayers timing so she use this schedule for remembering the prayers timing

anees, hydrabad Sun 16 Oct, 2016

I hope that people will never missed the any Slat after getting the address of this Islamic portal page so make your Slaat on the right time

Waleed, Jeddah Fri 14 Oct, 2016

I live in Karachi Pakistan and I am a Muslim girl but I have a big issue about the prayers timing so please anybody tell me mine city prayers timing

lareeb, quita Mon 10 Oct, 2016

Prayer timings of Jeddah is available there so if you can get the prayer timing from this page so you don’t have to worry

Burhan, Jeddah Sun 09 Oct, 2016

After working a whole day I didn’t have energy for praying Isha on outside in mosque that’s why I am praying at my home with the help of this page

Nofil, Jeddah Fri 07 Oct, 2016

The right time of prayers is available there so go with the authentic page of the prayer timing of this Jeddah city and pray on the exact time

Naveed, Jeddah Thu 06 Oct, 2016
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More About Jeddah Prayer Timing

Jeddah Prayer Timings 2016 - Find todays Accurate Namaz Timings of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with detail Azan and Salat Schedule & Timetable. Located in Western Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah province. The city has almost 1300 masjids, but still in case you feel that it is not easy for you to catch five times prayers then simply subscribe to Jeddah Prayer timings page online that will keep you updated by giving you timely notifications for Namaz. Daily Fajar (Fajr) timing in Jeddah, Dhuhur, Asr time in Jeddah, Maghrib timing in Jeddah & Isha timing in Jeddah Namaz timing with customize option of Prayer Times Calculation Methods & Juristic Methods. Find Azan and Namaz ke auqat (Awqat) with Qibla direction according to Sunni, Hanafi and Shia (Fiqa Jafria) for proper guidance for your Namaz.