Turkey Prayer Times

Turkey Prayer Timings - Today Accurate Prayer Timings of Turkey, detail Salah schedule & timetable. All cities Fajr time in Turkey, Dhuhur, Asr time in Turkey, Maghrib time & Isha timing with customize option of prayer times calculation methods & juristic methods. Turkey cities Prayer Times with Qibla direction and complete guidance for your Namaz.

City Fajar Dhuhur Asr Maghrib Isha
Antalya 5:50 am 12:41 pm 3:40 pm 6:04 pm 7:27 pm
Bursa 5:57 am 12:48 pm 3:41 pm 6:06 pm 7:32 pm
Bagcilar 5:58 am 12:48 pm 3:41 pm 6:05 pm 7:33 pm
Istanbul 5:58 am 12:48 pm 3:40 pm 6:05 pm 7:32 pm
Izmir 6:04 am 12:55 pm 3:52 pm 6:16 pm 7:40 pm
Ankara 5:42 am 12:32 pm 3:27 pm 5:51 pm 7:17 pm
Cankaya 5:42 am 12:32 pm 3:27 pm 5:51 pm 7:17 pm
Konya 5:43 am 12:34 pm 3:32 pm 5:56 pm 7:19 pm
Adana 5:31 am 12:22 pm 3:22 pm 5:46 pm 7:08 pm
Gaziantep 5:23 am 12:14 pm 3:13 pm 5:37 pm 7:00 pm

Turkey Prayer Timings (Top Cities)

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• Antalya • Kibris
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Istanbul Prayer Times

This whole schedule of Istanbul city prayers timing having here that helps to everyone for offering the five time prayers at the right timing. it is also very helpful for me

Shahid, Istanbul Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Adana Prayer Times

Adana is the fifth largest city of Turkey and also the biggest city in the Mediterranean Region. It is great that the namaz vakitleri schedule is available here. This website helps me a lot to perform daily prayers as per the ezan vakti time.

Arsalan, Adana Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Bursa Prayer Times

Bursa has several mosques and places related to the Islamic history as it was the capital of Ottoman Empire. I often use this website to check the ezan vakti time. It has good information about the namaz vakitleri schedule.

Basit, Bursa Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Konya Prayer Times

Me and my family members live in the nearby town of Konya. We were facing difficulty to check the accurate namaz vakitleri but just found this informative website. The ezan vakti time table on this website is so much accurate.

Kashif, Konya Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Izmir Prayer Times

Whenever I visit Izmir, I use this website to remain updated with the ezan vakti. Besides, checking namaz vakitleri schedule we can also get information about Islamic calendar and Quran translation on this website. I visit it on a regular basis.

Ahraz, Izmir Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Antalya Prayer Times

Antalya is among the key cities of Turkey. It is good to see that there is a website where we can check the namaz vakitleri time table for all 12 months. With the help of this portal, it is now much easier for us to perform salat as per the ezan vakti.

Zaid, Antalya Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Ankara Prayer Times

I was searching for the website where I can check the ezan vakti for my city Ankara. Now, I do not need to go anywhere else as the complete namaz vakitleri schedule for whole year is available here. It is such a wonderful website for us.

Farooq, Ankara Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Istanbul Prayer Times

From the last few years, I am living in Istanbul and using this website to check the namaz vakitleri. It allows me to offer salah as per the accurate ezan vakti. I recommend this website to all Muslims living in Istanbul.

Hanif, Istanbul Tue 22 Dec, 2020
Kibris Prayer Times

I was searching for the prayer time of Kibris and just found it on this amazing website.

Ghufran, Kibris Mon 30 Nov, 2020
Antalya Prayer Times

It is good to see that websites such as hamariweb are providing prayer time and other information about Antalya.

Arif, Antalya Mon 30 Nov, 2020