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Attiya Dawood
The poem "The People of the Machine" has been translated from this young poet's original Sindhi.
Wikipedia: Mirza Ghalib
Biographical article with links.
Iftikhar Arif
Iftikhar Hussain Arif, PP, SI, HI commonly known as Iftikhar Arif is an Urdu poet, scholar and littérateur from Pakistan. His style is romantic Urdu poetry. He has headed Academy Adbiyat, the Pakistan..
Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz was considered one of the greatest modern Urdu poets of the last century. Faraz is his pseudonym 'takhallus', whereas his real name is Syed Ahmad Shah.He was born in Kohat and died in Isla..
Muhammad Iqbal
Well-designed presentation of the poet's Urdu verses.
Real audio clips of Urdu poetry, in the original language, and some script. Mahfil-e-Mushaira is an evening social event at which people read or recite their own Urdu poetry,often in competition with ..
Urdu and Punjabi Poetry
Poems by many poets in the original script, some with translations in English.
Poems by Munir Niazi and Others
Punjabi and Urdu poems in English translation, as well as original Punjabi and Urdu poems, by various authors. (Click "Poetry" on the main page.)
Allama Iqbal
Official site of the Iqbal Academy with information on the poet's life, work, and the activities centred on him.
Punjabi Poetry
It mainly concerns Punjabi poetry and culture and includes a discussion forum.
Where Am I?
English and German translations of two Urdu poems by Parveen Shakir.
Bilal Sarwar`s Poems
Young poet's work using animation and real audio.
Five Poems by Parveen Shakir
First English translations of these poems by a popular Urdu woman poet, from Cipher Journal; parallel text.
Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib
Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib in ASCII and Devnagri fonts. By Navin Kabra.
Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Official site of the Faiz Foundation with information about the Urdu poet and his work, and also about the Foundation.
Punjabi Poets
Works of Punjabi classical and contemporary poetry, in Punjabi or in Romanized/English script.
Pashtu Poetry
Pashtu classical and contemporary poetry, in Pashtu script and English translation.
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
Contains the story of Iqbal's life and notes on his works, plus his contribution to the freedom movement.
Urdu poetry Mirza Ghalib interpretation
Poetry of Mirza Ghalib translated in English.
Poetry--Old and New
A multi-purpose site with poetry in Urdu and some humorous verse in Urdu and Punjabi.
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Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
I love sad poetry
Waqas, LahoreSaturday, April 20 2019
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Sahib Shahzad Sahib, D G KhanSunday, November 19 2017
UrdusPoint Network, Urdu News, Poetry, Horoscope
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Shah g, KarachiSaturday, April 08 2017
Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
Download all the Urdu poetry in Audio files from this page it can give you everything in Urdu language what you want to listen at the time
arshad, khiMonday, October 03 2016
Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
Those who are true fans of Urdu poetry can check out the mp3 files of dedicated collection here online on this page. I cant tell you how much happy I am on this amazing offer. Will show this page to my grandpa for sure.
Kamran, KarachiThursday, September 15 2016
Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
Those who have taste in Urdu poetry can check out this website featuring Urdu Poetry (MP3 files) that can be accessed online through the website listed here online. I am sure that the page offers you all the latest editions of MP3 files containing Urdu poetry that you are looking for.
Rida, KarachiThursday, September 08 2016
Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
You can access some authentic Urdu poetry online. Access some amazing poetries online from this page. I am sure that true poetry lovers can access the information about the MP3 files online from this link.
Kanwal, KarachiMonday, July 25 2016
Urdu Poetry (MP3 Files)
khan muhammad, digriTuesday, January 06 2015
Punjabi Poets
i want to get you help....
faheem iqbal, wah punjab pakistanWednesday, July 23 2014
Sad Poetry & Ghazals in Urdu
very very good and nice poetry
ehsan, jalalpurFriday, April 18 2014
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