Dahi Barey

Dahi Barey is one of the most popular savory snacks in Pakistan. It is light to consume and delicious to taste. Preparation of this Dahi Barey recipe is in two phases. You have to make vadas (fried Besan balls), and then yogurt mixture. For preparation of accurate and perfect Dahi Barey, make batter by adding gram flour, soda, salt, red chili flakes, and water to make a decent consistency paste. Deep fry vadas in hot oil and first put in water and then strain water and transfer them to platter and put thick beaten yogurt mixture on top. Dahi Barey is surely the most liked dish by both children and adults. It is served at vendor stalls all over Pakistan. You can make Dahi Barey during the holy month of Ramadan Kareem by following our recipe. Dahi Baray can be prepared at home by following this recipe.

(by ~Sani~ from Karachi)

• بیسن --- ڈیڑھ کپ
• کھانے کا سوڈا ---- ایک چوتھائی چائے کا چمچ
• نمک ---- حسب ذائقہ
• کٹی ہوئی لال مرچ ----- ایک کھانے کا چمچ
• تیل ---- فرائی کے لیے
• چینی ----- دو کھانے کے چمچ
• چاٹ مصالحہ ---- آدھا کھانے کا چمچ
• دہی ----- ایک پاؤ

ایک پیالے میں بیسن٬ کھانے کا سوڈا٬ نمک اور کٹی ہوئی لال مرچ ڈال کر مکس کر لیں اور پانی ڈال کر گاڑھا آمیزہ بنا لیں- اب گرم تیل میں بڑے کی شکل میں ڈال کر فرائی کر لیں- سنہری ہوجانے پر کڑاہی سے نکال کر پانی میں ڈال دیں تاکہ تیل نکل جائے اور نرم ہوجائیں- دہی پھینٹ لیں٬ نمک٬ کٹی ہوئی لال مرچ٬ چاٹ مصالحہ اور چینی ڈال کر مکس کرلیں- بڑے ہلکے ہاتھ سے نچوڑ کر دہی میں ڈال دیں- چاٹ اور کٹی ہوئی لال مرچ چھڑک کر پیش کریں-


Reviews on Dahi Barey

I am bored to eat dahi barey of mine hand made with I make it with mine method every time but now I have the new one recipe to make it
binish - karachi 6/8/2017 1:05:14 AM
This is the delicious recipe of Dahi Barey so you can easily make the best Dahi Barey with this recipe and this website can show you more related to this
Shumailah - Karachi 6/1/2017 6:40:33 PM
Recipes are available there and you can easily try the new recipes in this website which is available there with the brilliant method
Anabia - Karachi 5/29/2017 5:30:38 PM
We are going to have a one dish party before the Ramadan so I think this recipe for making dahi barey would be the best to be made on that party.
nighat - khi 5/22/2017 6:27:32 AM
There has the many types of dahi barey recipes available which I will be try it one by one in this month of Ramadan to get some change
wareesha - panjab 5/10/2017 4:04:01 PM
I literally love all the recipes you share here on your website but this one is really more than love in taste. Thank you so very much for sharing such a wonderful recipe.
Nayana - Farwaniah 5/7/2017 1:34:35 PM
Dahi bary is good dish to have but it’s demand increases manifold in Ramadan as from years it’s been a main Iftar item. 
sadia - islambad 4/5/2017 12:47:38 AM
My cooking skills have improved a lot since the time I started making new dishes. Just tried this new Dahi Barey from this page and it turned out to be amazing.
Aimen - Lahore 3/28/2017 2:00:15 AM
I have tried this Dahi Barey recipe and it is delicious to the core. Loved every bit of this recipe. My father loves Dahi Barey and now I can make it regularly for him at home. thanks for sharing it
Humera - Hyderabad 6/23/2016 5:41:19 AM
Dahi Barey is surely the most tempting thing and one of the most loved Iftar Item too. My mother makes yummiest Dahi Barey. I will show her this recipe I am sure it will be a delight to have.
Yumna - Lahore 6/9/2016 5:02:02 AM

Dahi Barey Recipe

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