Khasta Kachori

Khasta Kachori recipe is considered to be the spicy snack popular in Indo – Pak subcontinent. Khasta is an Urdu word that means ‘flaky’ and this flaky Kachori is popular due to its tempting and crunchy taste. Khasta Kachori filling is prepared with different ingredients. For filling the lentils, ginger, green chilies, zeera, red chilies, sugar, saunf, and salt are mixed well. Khasta Kachori is also called ‘Raj Kachori’ and is served with chaat. Khasta Kachori recipe is stuffed with daal mixture and deep fried in oil. The medium flame is perfect to make crispy and puffed up Kachori. Serve it with Aloo Bhaji or chutney for a perfect blend. Khasta Kachori recipe is served on vender stalls on road sides along with other small and big restaurants in Pakistan and India.

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• آلو ۔۔ ۔۔ ایک کلو
• میدہ یا سفید آٹا ۔۔ دو کپ
• سوڈا ۔۔ 4/1 چائے کا چائے کا چمچہ
• تیل ۔۔ دو کھانے کے چمچے
• نمک ۔ حسب ذوق
• کٹا زیرہ ۔۔ آدھا چائے کا چمچہ
• پانی ۔۔ آدھا چائے کا چمچہ
• فلنگ کے لئے:
• چنتر کی دال ۔۔ ایک کپ
• ادرک ۔۔ ایک چائے کا چمچہ
• ہری مرچ ۔۔ تین عدد
• ہینگ ۔۔ ایک چٹکی
• کٹا زیرہ ۔۔ ایک چائے کا چمچہ
• پسی لال مرچ ۔۔ ایک چائے چمچہ
• چینی ۔۔ ایک چائے کا چمچہ
• پسی سونف ۔۔ ایک چائے کا چمچہ
• تیل ۔۔ چار کھانے کے چمچے
• نمک ۔۔ حسب ذوق

ایک باؤل میں ابلے آلو، میدہ، سوڈا، نمک، تیل، زیرہ اور پانی ڈال کر گوندھ لیں۔

فلنگ کے لئے:
ابلی دال کو موٹا موٹا کچل لیں۔ اب ادرک، ہری مرچ، ہینگ، زیرہ، لال مرچ، چینی، پسی سونف، نمک اور تیل ڈال کر پکائیں۔ اس کے بعد کچوریوں کو بیل لیں۔ پھر اس میں فلنگ کر کے فرائی کریں۔ گرم گرم کچوری کو آلو بھاجی کے ساتھ سرو کریں۔


Reviews on Khasta Kachori

We can bring khasta kachori form the market and now I have the best recipe to make it at home to mine family which has the easy method to make it easily
rimsha - islamabad 4/24/2017 3:59:35 PM
The best way to define this dish ever now I can easily make the Khasta Kachori for my kids with the help of this amazing easy recipe
Qadir - Lahore 4/20/2017 5:01:28 PM
Before, I never have the any recipe to same this khasta kachori and usually I can buy it from the market to eat that because I didn’t have any recipe to make it but now I have better guidance to make it well.
Mehak - khi 4/20/2017 7:46:21 AM
I never thought to make this dish of khasta kachori that’s why I don’t have any recipe to make it and now I have seen this recipe to make it khasta kachori who looking crunchy and delicious
sahiba - lahore 4/15/2017 1:39:08 PM
Originating in Rajasthan, India, Khasta Kachori is a crispy Indian snack that is stuffed with spiced fillings. You can have it with tea in the morning or in the evening, giving your tea experience a different texture and taste. 
sandhiya - mumbai 4/11/2017 12:59:27 AM
My family friends are invited for dinner on the upcoming weekend. I was thinking to prepare some unique and delicious dishes apart from the traditional ones. I just checked out this Khasta Kachori online while making the menu.
Aadila - Lahore 3/28/2017 2:00:14 AM
Kachauri is a tremendous side dish which has its origin from India. If you actually want to decipher how to make true scrumptious Kachauri then you need to follow this recipe of Chef Zakir. 
shamsa - iqbal town 3/27/2017 11:44:10 PM
If your confused in what to make for dinner tonight or tommorow's lunch then make khasta kachori for your family.
gareda - multan 3/22/2017 9:21:14 PM
Kachauri is a tremendous side dish which has its origin from India. If you actually want to decipher how to make true scrumptious Kachauri then you need to follow this recipe of Chef Zakir. 
jamal - kanpur 2/17/2017 9:04:56 PM
I didn’t make this type of recipe who is not healthy but this recipe mine children’s must like to eaten because they really like to eat spicy and crispy food
khashmala - pindi 1/26/2017 11:12:11 AM

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