Child Labor

(Abdul Moiz Siddiqui, Karachi)

Child labor is an important and a serious global issue through which all and sundry countries of the world are directly or indirectly affected, but,it is very common in Latin America,Africa and Asia.According to some, in several Asian countries' 1/10 manpower consists of child India the number of children between the ages of 10-14 has crossed above 44 million,in Pakistan this number is from 8 to 10 million,in Bangladesh 8-12 million,in Brazil 7 million,whereas their number is 12 million in Nigeria.

In Pakistan children aged 5-14 are above 40 million.During the last year, the federal Bureau of statistics released the results of its survey funded by ILO's IPEC (International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor).The findings were that 3.8 million children age group of 5-14 years are working in Pakistan out of total 40 million children in this age group; fifty percent of these economically active children are in age of 5 to 9years.Even out of these 3.8 millions economically active children,2.7 million were claimed to be working in the agriculture sector. Two million and four hundred thousand (73%) of them were said to be boys.

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