Pakistan relations with neighboring countries

(Saqib Khan, islamabad)

Pakistan is located in South Asia with coastline border of Arabian sea and Gulf of Oman having Afghanistan, Iran, china and India as neighbors emerged on 14th of august 1947. Strategically Pakistan is located at an ideal position. Serving as a transit route to the Asian countries it can earn billions of dollars just as a transit fee.

Gaining the independence on same day India and Pakistan both have had issues regarding distribution of resources and unjust partition of which the Kashmir remained the basic bone of contention. They are considered as deadly rivals and had fought three battles on Kashmir issue and sometimes regarded as time bomb.

Apart from fighting with each other they can also trade, as they are closely linked one another through roads, increase the trade can reduce the confrontation between both countries. India has the largest consumer market in the world,in this way pakistan could also be benefited by exporting products to India.

Iran, an Islamic country. It was the first country which recognized Pakistan after recognizing Pakistan both the countries enjoyed good terms in the beginning but after that the situation takes a turn and sanctions were imposed on Iran. As Pakistan joins American block it had cut its ties with Iran and trade became equal to none.
Now Pakistan has gradually coming out of the umbrella of US and they can again start trade through barter system Pakistan would import crude oil from Iran and Iran would import wheat crops and beans in return.

On the west of Pakistan the country is known as “graveyard of empires”, Afghanistan. From the beginning the relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan remained on roller coaster. The main issue between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the Durand line issue which was also called as hundred years’ peace treaty. now a day’s main issue is the terrorism between both countries. Afghanistan officials blame Pakistan for providing patronage to the terrorists and Pakistan calls Afghanistan as safe haven for militants. As Afghanistan is a landlocked country, Pakistan could also provide her the trade route so that they can trade to transport goods to the whole world.

China, world 2nd largest economy. And the rising super power. They have also the largest consumer market in the world while sit is not an Islamic country, though it has good terms with Pakistan. Pakistan was amongst the first countries to end relation with republic of china and start new relation with peoples republic of china. the relation between both the countries stared in 1950s. from the beginning they had signed many agreements regarding energy roads etc. but the recent one is CPEC, which is considered to be the world largest corridor.

China has become the 2nd largest economic partner of Pakistan the bilateral trade l between Pakistan and china has reached at 18 billion us dollars. The largest investment of china in Pakistan is in progress which is called CPEC.

China had also assisted Pakistan in defense affairs they had helped Pakistan in building of heavy industrial complex and aero nautical complex in kamra. they both have constructed a JF-17 thunder with mutual assistance which is the one of the greatest military self-produced asset of Pakistan.

In the connection of above context, it seems that the detreated relation is due to the failure of our foreign policy. current situation was that we didn’t have foreign minister for four years, we were like a blind frog. For the betterment in relation we must pay heed to control the religious extremism, terrorism and would have to refrain our foreign policy. Without good relation with neighbor we could not survive. If our border would be secured we can pay all our attention to the development and betterment of our country.

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