Drug Abuse

(Waqas Rasheed, Karachi)

In the country that we live in that is The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, liquor and utilization of drugs isn't acceptable & allowed. Then again it is as yet normal and has turned into something that is considered as modernization or simply referred as being cool. There is no single age assemble which is more influenced by medicate utilization than youngsters. Liquor and drugs influence each and everybody of us – specifically or in a roundabout way, in our homes, schools, towns and urban areas. Individuals of any age in Pakistan, including young people and grown-ups have simple access to it. The utilization has dissolved in their lives day by day. In excess of 23 million individuals beyond 12 years old are dependent on liquor and other hurtful drugs. The number is just to increment with the expanding impact of Western and Indian culture in our general public. The main point here to think is Why? Why living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan & following the religion of Islam the number is going up day by day?

To begin with, we all would agree that it has turned into a pattern to take after western societies, their way of living and standards. Individuals, particularly youthful grown-ups and young people believe it's really cool that they'll drink and smoke just to fit in the westernization stage that we're experiencing. It has become so normal and common and has moved toward becoming something that everybody does energetically without remembering the outcomes. They just need to be acknowledged that it will depict a social class and standard if they would embrace western societies & their way of living. Which actually not is the case in real! Actually, it's an approach to escape far from reality. Mostly teens stress on petty issues and they think that smoking will clear their mind or relax them but without even realizing how far they have gone in this bad habit, it becomes an obsession and the solution to everything becomes a cigarette & when it still doesn’t help they approach for different drugs. Other than that, the temptation for joy, absence of self-assurance & carelessness attitude of guardians are also some causes behind liquor or drugs utilization.

Today, the country we live in is one of the significant shippers of drugs & drugs like heroine, weed, pot, Cocaine etc. are easily available in Pakistan. Drug utilization is an intense issue which our country is facing & the number is going surprisingly high day by day which is not a good sign. Our Government needs to take proper measures to ensure that the drug utilization starts to decrease with a specific end goal to spare our childhood from ruining their future. Also, our parents should have a close look at the lifestyle of their children & observe them properly for any unusual behavior.

Campaigns against the drug use should take place which could highlight the damage it creates. Our law enforcing agencies should monitor places which drugs could be selling & raid them. Last but not the least, we need to create such environment in our houses that when a child faces a problem they feel free to discuss it on dining able instead of approaching to these horrifying drugs which n long run will cost them a lot

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