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(Fatima Afzaal, Karachi)

Fatima Jinnah

We always highlight the miseries of a woman’s life or we talks about women empowerment. It’s good to highlight the issues, problems and violence that a woman faced on the daily basis as weaker part of the society. But many of women we have in the society who believed to never give up and tried harder to move ahead in the society and succeeded in making their own identification. Last year news came from New Zealand a country; this is located in continent Australia. Jacinda Ardern became first youngest female Prime minister from New Zealand on 26 Oct 2017.

Women and politics
This news reminded me many of our successful female politicians of our own country Pakistan like Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah, who was younger sister of our founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. She was a leading member of All India Muslim League before independence. She also emerged as a strong advocate of Two Nation Theory. After independence she also Co-founded Pakistan Women’s Association for the settlement of women in newly born state.

And don’t forget about Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan who also an important part of Pakistan Movement. She served as an economic advisor to Jinnah’s Pakistan Movement Committee. After independence she became the First Lady of Pakistan when her husband Liaquat Ali Khan became first Prime Minister of the state. On 15 Feb, 1973 she became first woman Governor of Sindh and Chancellor of University of Karachi.

And of course we all know very well about Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto, who was the first female Prime Minister of any Muslim State in the world. She was the daughter of former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. She was also a chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party.

Women’s influence on Media
Not only in the politics we have many other women from different areas of life who have made Pakistan proud like, Muniba Mazari is Pakistani TV anchor person. She is the only wheel chaired anchor person, due to a savior car accident she paralyzed because of her spinal cord injury in 2007. But never gave up and got her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and now she is also an owner of her brand Muiba’s Canvas. She is also a representative of men, women, and children and raised her voice on different social issues for instance, gender equality; determination; discrimination and became motivation for many people in her surroundings. In 2015 Muniba Mazari became first Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women from Pakistan.

Women and Defence
Shazia Parveen who became first female firefighter of the country. She joined Rescue 1122 in the age of 25. She forced everyone to be agree on the fact that anyone one can do anything but then, when someone have the will to do that. Regardless of any discrimination of male and female.

Another proud woman from Pakistan is Mariyam Mukhtiar who is female fighter pilot in Pakistan Air force. She was a brave woman and has faith on her country. She martyred during an operational training session when her FT-7PG plane crashed near Kundian, Punjab. Pakistan Government awarded her with Tamgha-e-Basalat.

Women in the field of Science and Technology
Nergis Mavalvala is Pakistani based American astrophysicist who was part of the team which proved the existence of Gravitational waves for the first time in the world’s history. She really made Pakistan proud in the world of technology.

Women with the spirit advantures in the field of Sports
Samina Baig is another Pakistani girl who is known globally as Mountaineer. She hoisted Pakistani flag on Mount Everest in a very young age of 21. After that she became first Pakistani and first ever Muslim female Mountaineer who climbed seven summits. She belongs to Hunza Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. She started mountaineering in her teen age, when she was only 15 years old along with her brother.

Zenith Irfan is first Pakistani girl who completed her journey through Kashmir belt from Lahore on a motorbike and told the world that how peaceful is Pakistan. She got inspiration from her deceased father’s dream “to travel the world on bike.” She used different models for riding so far like, Honda 125; Honda CD-70; and Suzuki GS-150.

Twinkle Sohail is another Pakistani girl who is a power lifter. She won the gold medal in Asian Bench-Press Power Lifting Championship 2015 in Muscat and made Pakistan proud. Which she did in her early 20s age even men contestants could not do so.

Namira saleem became first ever Pakistani who reached North and South poles when she achieved this target. She became the first ever Asian who skydive over the Mount Everest. And she is also going to become the first Pakistani who travels to the space when first Pakistani commercial space flight takes off by Virgin Gagtic.

Legislative and Electoral rights of women in Pakistan
Besides this we are blessed that in our country Pakistan women have right to vote and as well as the right to participate in the election as a competitor. In senate which is the upper house of the state we have 17 female senators, four female senators from the province Punjab; Four from Sindh; Four from Baluchistan; Four from KPK; and only One from Federal Capital Islamabad.

In National Assembly we have 60 reserved seats for women out of total 342 seats. Currently we have 35 female MNAs from Punjab; 14 female MNAs from Sindh; 8 MNAs from KPK; and 3 MNAs from Baluchistan.

In Punjab assembly we have also 60 reserved seats for Females. 29 reserved seats for women in Sindh Assembly, 22 reserved seats for females in KPK assembly, 11 reserved seats for females in Baluchistan assembly.

Success of women in Business world
A woman can also prove herself economically. In developed countries where women workforce is actively involved in economic fields growing more rapidly. When economies grew then definitely career opportunities also increased and social services and development process will also be increased.

According to a report companies that are managed by women their employees are more motivated and productivity is higher as compared to the companies managed by men. Women are more coordinative with their employees as compared to the men which results in the higher productivity and motivation.

Many studies proved that women are smart investors, and women can make better financial decisions than men. A seven years study founded that a female investor or team of female investors from any organization can make more positive and beneficial out puts as compare to the male counterpart.

Countries that educate their women they actually educate their whole society and make their countries stronger economically. Because when a girl will be educated, will give benefits to the country in two ways first one is new skills and abilities will become a part of workforce and secondly will educate her children also. Developed countries where women are educated, economically strong. So, if the country invests on its women then it is investing on the future.

Child intelligence depends on Mother’s intelligence
Last year in the news a research have discussed that, biologically a mother’s genetics can tell how intelligent her child would be.
“Women are more intelligence transmitted gene as comparatively as men because their child always has X-Chromosomes and a woman has two of these but man has only one.” So, here human biological structure proved that a woman has much better ability to make her child confident, motivated, and determined as compare to the man.

Women also played a significant role non-genetic part of intelligence, according to some studies when a mother has a strong bond with her child then the child feels secure and confident.

Researchers of University of Washington founds that an emotional strong between a mother and her child is very crucial for the growth of some parts of child’s brain. Researchers completed their research in duration of seven years. They found a group of children related to their mothers. Researchers found that children who were supported emotionally by their parents and their intellectual needs also fulfilled have 10 percent larger hippocampus in average as comparatively as children who were on the distant from their parents. Hippocampus is a part of memory where have the ability to learn and response for external stress. So, a strong bond with mother will give the feeling of confidence and security.

A physically weak woman is not actually a weak part of the society, because a woman is always being strong internally. That is the reason a woman is a mother her primary role is to gave birth and raise her child. She always tries her best to keep her family happy, makes her relationships strong and always motivate them for the best that is why there is known phrasal verb that “there is always a Woman Behind a successful man.”

Stop under estimating yourself and be strong. You are woman, a woman who is physically weak; no problem if you have some deprivations then you have many blessings in your life also. Always try to think about your goodness it can make you happy and will give you potential for keep standing for yourself. So, be confident, be motivated and determined. Don’t depend on others remember no one will come to help you out, you have to help yourself. As we all know a famous phrasal verb “God helps those people who help themselves” so, if you believe in God and wants that He help you then you have to take stand for ourselves first.

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