Saving Standards

(Mahnoor Chaudhary, Islamabad)

The beauty of life lies not in what we portray on our faces but it lies in what we hide in our hearts. As we begin to compare our lives with those around us, gleefully responding, strongly behaving and constantly talking we jump down to deriving they are living ideal lives. Rather than looking into the sadness that drowns their inside and tracing the eye sore soaked in pain we begin to curse our unhappiness and blame life for being so brutally cruel. A turmoil of thoughts tangle us mercilessly, without letting us feel the comfort of happiness that struggles to keep us going.

As juveniles we look up to the future for something better, as teenagers we foresee rewarding days and as grown-ups we look forward to the lives of others in order to assess where our success lies. What we fail to acknowledge is the present and focus too much on tomorrow which makes our current lives meaningless. Parents envision to see their children transform into professionals, teachers train their students to be big shots while the society keeps flaunting those drained in money and crowned with power. The day starts off with the struggle to be better than others, instead ends in despair for the competition to resume the very next day.

We grew up hearing it isn’t about the destination but the journey that’s worth looking back at. A lot of us focus too much on the destination and final outcome rather than appreciating and acknowledging the process that lies as the crux of all our achievements. Thus in order to find life meaningful, days impactful and moments memorable start off by truly celebrating the steps that you take, the efforts that you put and the little achievements for they are ones that will be missed.

We often look at life and wonder how we haven’t achieved much but we miss out on all those smiles and happy moments that have been a part of somebody else’s life and we served as the source. Life isn’t about the tangible outcomes, the wealthiest possessions but it is about those relations, those loved ones who have struggled to put us to where we are today.

In the quest of worldly desires, an immaculate profession, a hefty bank account and opulent parcels we miss out living a life, one that is complete with love and togetherness. What we seek as a reward becomes our poison, nourishing our lust with the restlessness of power and desire for money. What lies as the bigger question is have we misused our lives or is it reasonable to lament that the future is bleak.

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