Let Us Live With Our Children, Let Them Live With Us, So We Shall Gain Through Them What All Of Us Need

(Salma Ali, Islamabad)

Today as usual I woke up early morning prayed, made breakfast and lunch for my kids and went to my room to wake my kids up. I went inside and called their names, kissed their foreheads and took them to washroom for bath. My kids wore their uniform took breakfast and sat in van for school. I was engaged in the whole process and prayed for their safety and good future. On my way I saw a child near the dustbin, kept in front of a Bakery. He was wearing dirty, torn clothes, and had big sac. With bare feet, that child was busy in collecting stale food scraps, papers, disposable glasses and lunch boxes from the dustbin. I stood there for a while, observed the child and came back as I was getting late for my office.

The whole day I thought about that child, his innocency, his dreams, his desire to play with other kids, his cute smile, his wishes and dreams that was ruining because of the responsibilities given by his parents. I was also angry on the parents who with such attitude are stealing childhood off their children. I could still feel the sparkle in that child eyes, when he saw parents buying lunch for their kids in the Bakery. He was actively observing the whole scenario with a big smile and gloom on his face.

The child was looking towards parents who were busy with their kids and were fulfilling their demands.

Such underprivileged children in future are being misused by people for their mean acts and intentions. They have been used for bombing, smuggling and other unethical acts which ultimately shake the roots of the societies and nation.

We as a parent always try to fulfil the needs and wishes of our children and such children are struggling for their basic needs without parental support. The cold-hearted parents are forcing their children to become bread winners at an early age.

Children are the hope of their parents and a future of any nation. They are the ones, who write the faith of a country with the support of their parents and schools. Hence, should be cared for and provided with equal opportunity for survival and education.

A large population of our Country is living in below poverty rate. Resultantly their children from early childhood are busy to meet their ends. They are deprived and destitute right from their childhood and suffer mental, emotional and health issues. Here a question arises, whom to blame, the parents, the cold-hearted neighbours, the society, Organizations or the Government?

The socio-economic condition of the parents creates such situation that lead the children towards child labour. Moreover, the cold-hearted neighbours who instead of developing a sharing attitude avoid such people and do not support them for basic needs. In each street we have at least 4-5 strong families who can easily support and provide food to three families. I still remember a family in Islamabad struggling with their basic needs. One day one of a landlord beat the child of that family for taking drinking water from his house. Such inhuman attitude is present everywhere that with negative vibes are motivating the deprived children towards unethical acts.

Unfortunately, we as a society are very intellectual while preaching those who struggle for survival but fail to act accordingly. We do not support them on the pretext that such support will make these people more lethargic and habitual baggers.

Though different organizations are working on child labour and every year they raise their voice for child labour and display banners where children are shown working. I believe raising voice for child labour is not enough we should raise our standard of thinking and patriotism to support and contribute in the lives of such people every day.
Different organizations are getting huge funds in the name of child labour, but the result is not visible. We need to take a strong step. Different organizations should join hands and provide free skills for job opportunities for such children siblings and parents, so they can live a normal and happy life.

On the other hand, it is the prime responsibility of the Govt to control the inflationary trade. The Govt should provide low cost shelters and basic needs to such families so every child can get education without any hurdles and interfere.

Poverty is a disease that kills happiness, peace and harmony of a nation. Its medicine is humanity.

As a Muslim we will soon experiencing Ramazan with an essence to feel the sufferings, grief and sorrows of such people and support them fully for change.
Dear all, let’s take a pledge, let’s experience the essence of Ramadan, let’s purify our soul, let’s take a step for charity and piety, and support for such children and families, so we can play our role in eradicating poverty from our country.

Remember: Together we make a difference.

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02 May, 2018 Views: 563


آپ کی رائے
Such an eye opening article. May Allah give us a thinking mind and eyes which have the ability to look insight.we should take our part being a human being its our responsibility to do something for needy people rather than waiting for an organisation or government to take their part.well written Mam proud to be your student🤗😇
By: SABA TAHA, Rawalpindi on May, 14 2018
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Very nice and informative...
By: Rahat Ali , Rawalpindi on May, 05 2018
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