Is it Necessary to Make Favorite?

(Armish Rizwan, )

Just like every other individual, a teacher has a favorite student. From a class of around 30 to 40 students, a teacher will have 2 to 3 students whom they’ll not just give extra care and attention but will also consider their voices and opinions when needing any suggestions.

Don’t you think this is wrong? Why? Because a teacher’s job is not only to educate their children by imparting knowledge in them but also develop them both inwardly and outwardly. And how’s that possible? When a teacher focuses and concentrates on their students so well that they know all their kids, their personality, knowledge, performance, background, etc.,only then they are able to groom their students and bring about a positive change in them. They need to work with a lot of dedication and passion. But surely with all this effort and hard work, results are visible.

The problem here is that not every teacher does this. Majority of them focus only on one or two of the individuals. Why does a teacher even have to make favorite? Why can’t they treat every student of theirs equally? Every individual student is paying the same fee, sitting in the same classroom, why teachers differentiate them in their preferential treatment. I believe that every student should be given respect and an opportunity to advance. Not every kid is same. They all have different intellects, different pace of learning; some are fast learners, some are slow. So why give attention only to the ones who are quick learners. Every student should be respected irrespective of the time they take in learning. Being a human being, it’s natural to like those kids who are always prepared for class discussions, are quick learners, active in almost everything, but since no one should be compared with other; as we all know, we all have our own departments in which we excel so why to compare one kid who’s bad at something with a kid who excels in that. Rather what teachers should do is motivate that kid so that he/ she strive to be a better person in that particular aspect.

Now the problem in making favorite is that it put other students in inferiority complex. Even if they excel by trying, they won’t because they don’t feel the need to nor do they think they have the capability to do so.

If a teacher wants to keep an environment which is conducive to learning within the class, they should motivate and buck up all their students. And should inculcate in the weak students the want and the desire to excel by promoting a healthy competition in class so that rather than getting jealous of the toppers, the weaker ones try to compete and also make themselves better. And this is only possible with a teacher’s nonstop efforts.

As I mentioned that every person has their own area of expertise. But what happens in school is that teachers tend to select only those students who are confident and reflect that they can participate in any school’s event. My point is, that there are many other students who due to lack of confidence aren’t given the opportunity even though they might be having amazing hidden talents. The confident ones are quickly selected and the others are ignored. I can quote a personal example here. When I taught grade 5, I was supposed to prepare students for some event at the school. Rather than selecting the same students who perform every year, I gave the least confident ones the chance.

There was a kid in my class who was extremely shy but I got to know that he likes to read naat. So I made him read naatbefore his class and I found out that he had such an amazing voice. I made him read in front of the whole school. That was his first time ever on stage but it exposed his talent. I know I gave him the confidence and made a change in someone’s life who wasn’t previously an extrovert but later had the guts to confidently participate in any of the school’s events.


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