Pakistan's electronic media is a Pack of Lies

(Akram Saqib, Sahiwal)

Electronic and print media in Pakistan is not credible. It has changed its stance from neutralism to rating. It is not working in the line of duty but just for monetary benefits. The news channels are the prey to partiality due to envelopes filled with money that reaches the owners of the media. The biased reporting and sensationalism for ratings and money are the main traits of our mainstream media instead of good reporting and impartial analysis. When a person without conscience and with mundane interests sees it as a lucrative source he opens a channel especially news channel.

Due to this reason there has been an explosion in the number of TV channels. This media is always hunting the opportunity to increase its rating and rate. Since last four years it has fallen to abyss of filthy politics. The news channels have forgotten that they are responsible person and are the public opinion maker. They are being watched by their own families, children and the relatives. They have become a mouth piece of this or that political party. Now everybody in Pakistan knows the affiliations of the different TV channels. It was ARY that started mutilating the facts and in love with money and Imran Khan forget its role as impartial media. Waseem Badami ,the ARY anchorperson was dismayed when the PTI lost the last election. He was openly supporting the party during the election results. In the same way Abbasi,Hamza,Nazir Leghari,Talha Jatoi, Amir Liaquat,Asad Kharal and Arshad Sharif openly condems the leadership of PMLN. There appeared a guru of inventing stories in the name of Dr. Shahid Masood. He crossed the limits and was punished by the supreme court of Pakistan for lying and exaggerated invention of stories. If he is so much imaginative he should write novels or short stories instead of creating news stories.

Then there are many similar cases on all the channels. Samma,Newone, 92 channel hire such liars as Mubashar lucman,Rauf Klasra and others that their analysis are against one party. Everybody knows that there is corruption rampant in all ranks of society. PPP ,PTI and PMLN all consists of such corrupt person as has been charge sheeted and ousted from their portfolios but the above said anchors only malign the PMLN. They do not see corruption of PPP and PTI person. On the contrary they defend their corruption. Nawaz Sharif and jehngir tareen were disqualified but the News Channels of Pakistan started defending Tareen and all the debris of corruption was thrown on Nawaz sharif.

There seem no ethics and morality in their reporting. Then there is BOL channel. It is the worst TV in this regard. It is there to mutilate every fact and figure. Even the development works are expressed as the destruction of Pakistan.

The owner of the GEO and BOL both are accused of corruption. There are many cases against them in the courts but they are presented as the angels. They are presented as the harbinger of freedom of press and the champions of truth. Shoaib Shaikh is under trial due to his IT Axact and Mir Shakeel is for some other reason. GEO and BOL have never told the facts about their bad works. They are guilty of biased reporting and spreading false news.

In the wake of such lucrative lies all and sundry started telling lies. Now you are unable to hear a truth from a TV channel. They are the worst liars on the face of earth. They are nothing but the Bearers of Lies (BOL) and Genuinely Engineered news Online (GEO).

Yesterday was the freedom of press day. How many anchors told the Truth? No one, each and every anchor and channel was lying. They were demanding freedom to lie freedom to blackmail, freedom to malign each and everybody in Pakistan. They did not accept that they are responsible for all this chaos in the society.

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