Things Women Need to Know About Men (But Don’t)

(Ali Sarmad, Islamabad)

We all know the secret ingredients that nature used to make girls, Sugar, Spice and everything nice. But do we know what men are made of? It is universally assumed that men are tough, they don’t cry, and they don’t need emotional support. Just to understand what your guy wants from you, I have compiled some pointer for you to know your man.

You look handsome.
He dresses up for a sit-down dinner with your family He is wearing that blue blazer you presented him. His hairs are jelled up, not a hair out of place. He is sitting on the sofa switching through the channels while waiting for you. He looks like a model in your lounge. Tell him! Girl. Tell him that he looks good. He needs to know that someone finds him beautiful except his mama.

I am not in a mood to talk.
A call came from his home. It was his mother. You stand by the door and listen as he is trying to well up his tears. After hanging up he looks at you and goes to the bedroom. You find him curled up in the middle of the bed, occasional hiccups follow. Don’t go and console him, give him time alone to clear it up. Bring him a steaming mug of hot chocolate because what isn’t cured by hot chocolate?

All wrinkled up
You find him looking at himself in the mirror, finding the grey hairs that have just started to pop. You laugh at him and he gets red. As you are afraid of getting wrinkles and grey hairs, men are afraid of getting weak too. They have been the sign of strength ever since they were born, now stooping shoulders make them scared

No fake compliments
He says you look pretty in the red dress that you hate. Don’t look at him with anger. He is not faking it. He really thinks you look beautiful. Men are easy and simple. They don’t beat around the bushes

Element of jealousy
You both came back from the party and he has been quiet ever since. He is just nodding to whatever you are asking and answering with an occasional yes or no. You are worried if he has gotten the flu or caught a bug. You check his forehead but its all good. So, what it is you think? He might not say it, but we can tell you he is a bit insecure about you. You are all sunshine and magic, but sometimes he gets possessive about sharing your love with others. He gets jealous too.

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