(Mahnoor Chaudhary, Islamabad)

The bubble trouble that surrounds us all keeps surging with each downfall and each pinch that pushes us towards a land of negativity and adversities that limits our approach and vision that blinds us to not look towards the gleeful moments that make up happiness. We often resort to fretting and fuming over trivial happenings rather than allowing ourselves to swim through the turmoil and be a better version of who we call as ‘I”. Failing to filter out the negative or finding way to channel out, one focuses on allowing the pain to build an inner shelter where the pain resides thus prohibiting forces of healing to enter. The rigidity and closure of mind puts us through experience that restrict us from growing and conforms us to a world where we see ourselves as the glitziest humans.

As humans we are designed and programmed to evolve and transform our selves with each step that we take and welcome the cost of experiences for they come with a lesson. Unfortunately our ability to talk over bitterness and outrage acts as a setback that pushes us back not letting us grow through a violent storm. Each new thought generates another whirlpool of headaches and tension adding to the brunt as if the demons have taken over completely.

Learning the Art of letting go isn’t an epitome of our inner weakness it merely exhibits how strong the soul is in freeing the burden that had devastated its moment of joys and had prisoned its ability of looking up to the sky and saying the sunrise is back! The art of letting go is like the shot of oxygen that travels through our lungs and provides those oomph of freshness that livens the soul. Letting go is the art through which we emerge as the only humans who survived onto the land of monsters yet managed to breathe knowing that darkness isn’t over but the light is here. The art isn’t a demarcated circle but it’s a swirl that makes us go up and down back and forth and bringing out the courage and grit that could light us better and brighter.

Welcoming the change in life isn’t a matter of looking for agents that can hold our hand and make us walk through the dark but it’s the vision and attitude that helps us replace each negativity with positivity, each cry with a smile, each tear with laughter and each ache with a step. Thus when life fails to look through you in moments of distress, remember it wants and waits for you to smile at it and smirk back saying ‘I’ll be my own reason to survive”. Learn to endure the unchanged but strive to make a change without letting your guilt pangs come out as an obstacle.

The only way fear can be conquered is to face the demon with power and positivity that would help you taste the flavor of success. For our fears restrict us into a continuum and make us fall victim to the throes of helplessness. The strength, power and satisfaction that lies in saying goodbye to those who weren’t meant for us and accepting the change that had to be ours is what makes you a warrior!

Clogging one’s mind with positivity, happiness and laughter are the first step towards welcoming life and knowing how uncertainty is soothing, how unseen is beautifying and how the unanswered is an answer within itself. The art of letting go loosens the heap of burden that cripples the chest and continues to pierce through hampering ones capacity to heal. Thus break the nexus of holding back and allowing the conduits of self-destruction to overshadow and overruleyour ability to stand upright.

Augment the flow and calm of serenity and peace by stepping out of yourselves and giving up on pain not as a means to empower the destructor but to let your own soul feel free and wander to the land of oblivion. Let your scars and wounds remind you of survival, let the wounded heart know of its missing beat, let the sore eyes talk to the painful body, let the sleepless nights be a welcome for the daylight and let your present be your source of a happy tomorrow.

Let your body be a victim yet your heart be the survivor. Strike away the fear of isolation and celebrate your individuality. Let the wound bleed but the pain to wither away and let go onto what you hold tight for the better awaits your way!

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