Water Crisis in Pakistan

(Mubarak Mehmood Ahmad Khan, Islamabad)

Water is a precious gift from God on earth. It is most important element which is the only way for survival of life on earth. Water is the most necessary element for human beings, animals, insects, plants. It is also very important for socio-economic development of a country. Sources of water availability in Pakistan are rain, rivers and underground water.

It is very alarming situation for Pakistan as Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources(PCRWR) announced a horrible warning that Pakistan will short out of water by 2025,while on the other hand we are already facing water scarcity problem having bad result on public health.

Pakistan is Agricultural country our most of economy based on agriculture which also effects agriculture sector so Government should take necessary steps to control water issue as early as possible.

After the Indus Water Treaty with India, water of only two rivers i.e. Jhelum and Chenab is available to Pakistan while the availability of water in the remaining three rivers i.e. Ravi, Sutlej and Bias depends on the will of India.

India is constructing dams and barrages over Chenab and Jhelum rivers which are openly violation of Indus Water Treaty. The Violation by India creating water shortage for Pakistan day by day. According to the UNO Report on Water, Pakistan is at the 7th position in the list of countries, which are facing water crisis. Presently, Pakistan has a surface water of 153 MAF and underground water resources of only 24 MAF and Pakistan may face water shortage of 33 MAF during the year, 2025.

The population of Pakistan is increasing day by day, so water shortage is very harmful for existence of life in Pakistan. Following necessary steps should be taken by Government to resolve water issue on early basis:
1. Preparation of country water policy
2. Constructions of dams, water reservoirs
3. National level committee should formed
4. Reduce wastage of water
5. Report to UNO about Indian violation of Indus Water Treaty

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