Ghost of Mountains

(Abdul Rauf, Islamabad)

The snow panther is not any more a jeopardized species, yet its populace in the wild is still in menace as a result of poaching and natural ambiances misfortune, traditionalists said for this present week. The snow panther's populace diminishes around 10 percent or more completed the accompanying three ages in its regular environment, which are generally bumpy districts of Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. "Nevertheless it faces a high peril of disposal," the protection collects expressed, from regular surroundings incident and violation, diminishes in victim peoples and poaching for illegal untamed life trade, among various reasons.

Traditionalists primed that the risks are not over for the snow panthers, whose distinctive appearances make them charming to poachers. Their tails are longer than most cats' to empower them to alter on douse slants. Their skins are thick and whitish, composed with dull rosettes. Their bones and other body parts are used as a piece of typical Asian remedy. Because of the popularity for their jackets, snow panthers are likewise illicitly raced for the hide exchange. The pelts are a looked for after item in places like Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where they are malformed into coats and different articles of clothing. Snow panther bones and body parts are likewise exploited for customary Asian prescription. As people extend their homestead and brushing regions for domesticated animal’s crowds they are trespassing more into the snow panthers domains bringing about expanded clash with people when snow panthers assault animals amid times when their characteristic prey is rare.

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