5G technology

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Technology is evolved day by day. Nowadays 3G, 4G mobile network used by a large of people. The next generation would be 5G technology stands for 5th generation mobile technology. It represents the next phase of mobile telecommunication standards. 5G is offering high bandwidth, speed and less latency rate so users access on their mobile phones. People will experience high level of call volume and data transmission which is never experienced before. 5G expected to launch in 2020 and its data rate is up 1Gbps, fastest speed than 4G.

The 5th generation wireless technology is a broad wireless communication with nearly no restrictions. It has unbelievable transmission speed. The main objective of 5th generation technology is to design a real wireless world that is free from every limitation faced by earlier generations. 5G technology will change the way in which cellphone designs are presented around the world. Another revolution is about to start.

5G is targeting a wide variety of sector which are central pillars in a society energy, healthcare, media, industry and transportation. In industries, the improvements brought by 5G is primarily targeting the introduction of new generations of connected robots which minimize the workload of human, interconnection of production sites and offices and the much heavier use of smart sensors to improve industrial processes. Basically, the aim is to achieve ubiquitous communication between machines.

eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband)this is the technology that will enable users to download a 15GB full-length high-definition movie in 6 seconds. That is much faster than the 4 minutes it currently takes to download the same movie on a 4G connection. 5G networks can provide peak data transmission speeds of up to 20Gbps (2.5GB of data transmitted per second).The download speed of 3G network is 384 kbps, 4G network is 100 Mbps and the download speed of 5G network is 1-10 Gbps theoretically. Pakistan telecommunication is also trying to adopt new technology and starting to test 5G services.

Without network there is no connectivity around the globe, for communication wireless systems are used, as wireless means no wires the data is transfer between sender and receiver through microwaves and radio waves. Different Mobile apps are developing for chats, connect with friends and different games that can be operate through internet services.

5G has a splendid future since it can deal with best technologies furthermore, offer precious handset to their clients. May be in coming days, 5G innovation takes over the world market. High connectivity is provided by the router and switch technology used in 5G network. It distributes web access to nodes inside the building and can be conveyed with association of wired or wireless network connections. The current development of 5G technology has an impressive future.

Mobile Wireless Communication Technology is going to be a new revolution in mobile market. It will be available in the markets of 2020 at affordable cost with more reliability then previous mobiles. 5G techniques provide efficient user services in larger portions of the coverage area.

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