Child Basic Awareness

(Ramsha John, )

Having to be a female, nature has always been very unfair towards women. Having being blessed in many aspects women are easy to exploit. Moreover, it is more easier to manipulate younger females and especially girl child’s both emotionally and physically.

Sex education has always been a taboo in our society, parents are ashamed of educating their daughters of puberty, hormonal changes, telling the basic differences between both genders and why they different, difference between good and bad touch are till they themselves get through it and learn the hard way. Although, the society is now changing and progressing, some of the parents take due care of their children by letting them know in a subtle way whereas some old school parents still find it "Indecent" to discuss such matters with kids and that too who are in teens. Recently, the "MeToo" campaign has started to educated women about the sexual harassment after many pedophile rape/harassment cases came in the mainstream. Zainab murder case raised a question in every inhabitant's mind "Is their child safe in Pakistan?". Also, it shed light on children trafficking by all means, which includes rapes, sex slavery, buying and selling of children and exporting them to other countries for hefty amount. It has all been unnoticed for years till Kasur case took place back in 2015 where children were video graphed for pornography, the media and all the citizens were taken by storm and soon the matter was closed again.

After Zainab murder case, many campaigns started and people protested, perhaps as the time is passing everybody is moving towards their lives back but the loss which the affected families has cannot be compensated.

To prevent all this to happen, we cannot just rely on government as a parent one has to take an initiative of making children comfortable to talk about all the taboos and create a friendly environment for children, yet be protective towards them and keep an eye on their surrounding and always take notice if a child complains about a particular human being and address the problem, educate them about the difference between good and bad touch, don’t let them play with anyone out of your sight, develop a habit in your child of spilling every detail about the long gone day. Together we can make a difference, but we need to start solely on our individual levels.

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