What’s Wrong with our TV Dramas?

(Syed Muheet Gilani, )

Domestic Violence, oppressed and suppressed women, dirty mind games and negativity in amongst family relations; as fabricated and presented in our dramas nowadays are extremely disturbing to watch to say the least. While projection of family culture could accomplish a successful and selling story, the distorted society image can cause more harm than benefit to people watching it.

In almost all the serials there happens to be a central character, a woman, who is ridiculed, humiliated, abused and is subject of domestic violence. Near the end of the play the central character is proven right, in her logics and character and finally she forgives people around her.

It can be argued that domestic violence is an unfortunate reality of our society and its projection is a direct effort to stop such inhumane practice. However, the quantity in which such images are being televised may result in a horrible impact on society. Constant bombardment of a woman being mishandled, abused, slapped, deceived and betrayed constantly overwhelms TV shows. This constant bombardment and over projection at some level is making this culture socially acceptable and may constitute a society that is immune to this type of domestic attitude.

Another bad influence these dramas are creating is MISTRUST in relations. Continuously portraying a mother-in-law as a negative character will create a strong perception about the relation itself. Repeated images on betraying husbands will create a suspicious atmosphere in each household. A young girl watching a play filled with dirty mind games and family in-law’s politics will never comprehend the idea that in-laws could be like her family; her mother-in-law is like her mother and not like a filthy monster that she must overcome and surrender.

There is no denying the fact that our society need education regarding domestic violence and general behavior and attitude towards women and television could be one of fastest forms to imbed that. But the mode in which such information should be communicated is important. It’s important that these drams educate people rather than creating an aroma of sensation.

In country like Pakistan, where for a long-time women have been wrongly categorized as a backstage character in social and family life------ projection of strong, independent, decision maker women would help us through this evolutionary stage of women emancipation that our society is going through. There is strong need to present modern Pakistani woman as an educated, entrepreneur, business leading character to create a strong and positive image of women in our society.

TV rating is a big incentive and probably describes why our drama culture is the way it is. If it is true, it is not only unfortunate but is also alarming. Although I seriously believe that culture being portrayed in our dramas is not a true reflection of our society. The responsibility lies with our media people and channel owners to start making dramas that may create a positive impact on its viewers and on society as a whole.

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