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(Rida Batool, Islamabad)

Save nature
It is very important to keep our environment clean because not only wildlife but also human beings survival depend on it. Nowadays due to the massive use of industries and also the technology, we see a large amount of pollution produced every day which is very harmful for the environment. It is very important to focus how to preserve environment for future generations. Also we have to focus on how to make environment healthy to live for all living things.

How we pollute our environment
The environment is polluted in many ways. Noise, air, water, land pollution are different forms which happens as a result of different processes. Fossil fuels by vehicles and air pollutants caused by factories badly effects the surroundings. The harmful chemicals released by factories may cause serious health issues such as cancer to the people living around.

Nowadays, people throw garbage and waste in their surroundings instead of throwing them in trash bins. By doing this, our surroundings and public places will only got dirty and contaminated. We saw many people throwing plastic bags along roadside and public parks, this will only make our environment unhygienic and dirty. Also these plastic bags are not soluble, so they can cause clogging of drains and water logging.

Many solvent and liquid wastes that are produced during our daily lives are simply poured down the drain by people. These poor disposal practices can cause clogging of drains. In this way they can further contribute the environmental pollution.

Utilizing heavy machinery and engines either to construct new building or extraction of materials can affect the entire ecosystem. The harmful chemicals released during these activities can play a vital role in damaging our natural environment. These injurious activities vastly contaminate our breathable air. These activities also became the cause of global warming because of different gas emissions. Nowadays, pruning of trees on a large scale for construction purposes play a major role of rise in global temperatures. It also causing glaciers to melt and rising of sea levels that threaten people living on coastal areas. This is alarming to us and most importantly for future generations.

Not only humans and animals are affected by pollution but also the plants. Trees can also be destroyed by contaminated air and acidic rains. Due to this, plant respiration can be blocked by the lower ozone atmosphere. Air pollutants released by factories badly damage the atmosphere and natural environment causing difficulties for both humans and animals.

Ways to preserve our environment
In order to preserve our environment, it is very important to identify all the issues that can cause environmental pollution and how can we take different measures to overcome these issues. We all know this is not easy at all. But we can follow different measures to reduce the impact of pollution on our environment. The most important and easiest way to keep or environment clean and healthy, is to follow 3R’s which are reduce, recycle and reuse. Reducing harmful materials usage, recycling the paper items and then in the last reusing materials that are easy to reuse will not only keep our natural environment clean and healthy but also these activities can reduce the massive amount of pollution in the air.

It is very important to throw the waste and garbage into trash bins so that our surroundings are kept clean. Planting trees on a large scale can reduce the effects of global warming. Plantation not only make our environment beautiful but also make it healthy to live which is very important for future generations. It is our duty to keep our place clean so that we can live healthy lives.

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