Water Crisis

(Bilal Arif, )

Water is life .it is the main resource for survival of country especially agricultural country. IMF is not giving debt for dam construction to Pakistan consider it is true. When china is giving us opportunity that they will construct dam under CPEC why we r not availing such opportunity. Pakistan is in red zone as in coming five years we will face serious crisis of fresh water due to global warming, wasting water in sea not storing due to dams not made. These ignorant, selfish, material politicians did not know that our next generation will bear an unimaginative consequences. No population distribution policy our government has made.e.g.punjab with 110 million and balochitan only 12 million constitutes 44% area. No effort by government in balochistan in true manners related development. Again come to water crisis,? KARACHI with population of roughly 15 million is facing serious water ?? crisis now a days. LAHORE with population of roughly 11 million is near to face water ?? crisis in coming years. Islamabad with population of 2 million approximate is facing crisis of water due to poor water management by authorities. Now come to agricultural land of Punjab and sindh facing crisis of water in winter and start of summer due to shortages of large dams in Pakistan. In august and September we face flood from chanab and indus river becoz of shortage of dams .No talk on world forum with india breaching INDUS WATER TREATY. There must be a complain and case must be in court regarding no policy for water storage and poor water management.

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