5 Basic Pakistani Iftaar Items

(Sidra Shoaib, Karachi)

There are many delicious food items in our iftaar menu daily. But all of these 5 items or atleast one of them is part of our iftaar menu daily.


It would not be wrong if we label Pakoras as the national dish of Pakistan. They are a must. Iftaar is incomplete in my houses without them no matter how many other items are present.


Another basic item of iftaari are samosas. They are not a must like pakoras but still they have their own value in our menu. If not daily then they are part of our menu most of the times. They are like the saviours. If there is nothing else then there are SAMOSAS.

3. Fruit Chaat

Another yummy yet important item of our menu is fruit chaat. That mixture of seasonal fruits with chat masala is the best thing ever.

4. Custard

Now after all the spicy food a sweet dish is also important to satisfy our taste buds. So this need is generally fulfilled by custards. Caramel custard is the most common one.

5. Rooh Afza & Tang

Just like pakoras it would not be wrong if we label Roof Afza and Tang as national drinks of Pakistan. Either RoohAfza or Tang is a must in your menu everyday. You just cant end your iftaari session without them.

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Yes Accurate✨
By: Fajar, Pk on May, 24 2018
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Iftaar without pakoras is not iftaar. <3
By: Samra, karachi on May, 23 2018
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Perfect 😍👌🏻
By: Fayeza Wangde, Sharjah on May, 23 2018
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