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Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature .it is the behavior that appears to be threatening or distributing .Sexual harassment refers to the persistent and unwanted sexual advances this include several types like workplace harassment ,psychological abuse , harassment face by women on public transportation electronic media is playing a vital role these days in promoting these social issues on a big platform ,so those who does not aware or do not want to disclose or reveal their personal harassment stories , they are also opening up , like I was flicking the channels and I watched a drama serial on a private channel .Showing that the girl was crying and shivering with fear that a stranger that lives in their house ,was coming again and again in her room and harass her and seeking pleasure .later on, I came know that her father was abroad to earn bread and butter for family and left her wife and children in Pakistan with their uncles and that stranger was their servants but trying in the house like a king showing like an innocent man , because no one knows his reality . All of them were in favor of him .the mother, the main victim was always present herself in front of him as she thought he can’t disturb her daughter .The wife that was living away, from her husband had some needs definitely that must had to be fulfill by her husband but he was not concerned at all he did not pay any such type of attention towards his home all he know was about his son.
Well that stranger was a devil, and the daughter was known to be as psycho or insane. As the situation was getting worse the girl stood up by the power of some people who helped her to stand for rights she took stand for her mother and for herself .My main point is that If you’re going to earn , you must your family strong enough to stand up and cope up with every situation . to earn more and more have handsome is not a big deal its your responsibility but do not forget your other responsibilities unless until your first priority should be your family, their protection .they must feel save as your with them or living away from them.

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