Killing Muslims in syria is worrying

(Neha Javed, Karachi)

It has been 7 years since the Syrian crisis began with the start of the Arab spring protests. The initial stages of the demonstrations were a domestic issue but then with emergence of the Daesh, the Americans, Russians and other regional countries found excuses to launch military intervention in Syria, which are continuing till this day. About a million Syrian Muslims have been martyred, millions have been forced to migrated outside of the country. Most of the casualties of this war are children and women who are the most vulnerable of the Muslim civilians.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is deeply worried about the atrocities committed against the Syrian Muslims irrespective of the different sides and parties involved in this conflict. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is specially very concerned about the killings of the defenseless Syrian Muslims and the sufferings which they have endured during these past 7 years. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns these cruelties against the Syrians Muslims specifically the happenings in the Eastern Ghouta region of Damascus. This besieged enclave of Damascus has witnessed one the worst massacres of the Syrian revolution in the last week.

We pray and we are hopeful that Allah the Almighty will help all the oppressed Muslims including those in Afghanistan. We ask Allah the Almighty for help so that the Muslims are relieved from these cruel tyrants and corrupt rulers who have brought tremendous hardships upon the innocent Muslims worldwide.

We call upon the Muslim Ummah to set aside their internal differences and focus their energies and efforts on the real external enemies. The Muslim Ummah should join their hands together and help each other and weaken and destroy the evil designs against the entire Ummah. The lands of Muslims are occupied by these foreign invading enemies and the Muslims have been barred from practicing and implementing an Islamic system in their own lands. The enemies of Islam are preventing the Muslims from living in freedom and independence.

All the Muslims should realize that the success is in unity and only a unified Muslim Ummah can achieve and retake their rights from these tyrants.

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