Sleepless Nights

(Soha Saleem, Karachi)

It is unfortunate that during Ramadan, many Karachiites eat their Sehri without the comfort of electricity and have to face the same situation in iftar too. Residents of Karachi face a lot of problems because of the ongoing electricity crisis. The electricity shortfall has hit the record level.After every two hours,power goes out for atleast an hour,paralysing the lives of the people.Many people are unable to carry out household chores because of frequent power outages.

This is a major grave situation faced by the people even in the holy month of Ramadan which itself is the month of peace and blessings.

The service department of KE works slowly.It takes hours to resolve technical issues and restore power.Since the first day of Ramadan,loadshedding has increased.It is time the government and the authorities take some serious steps to resolve the problem of loadshedding and comfort the people.

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