The Purpose

(Bukhtawar Sultam, Sargodha)

"All Man should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why"
James Thurber

Human are very much akin to evanescence dew drop, Fragile, Serene, but short lived. A frail body, which is destined to Suspend between misty amalgam of charismatic earth and heavenly sky. Roaming melancholy in the atmosphere of immortal world, continuously wondering about his existence.

While in this continuous state of confusion, he always tries to solve the corundum of his existences. And wonder, either he is a mire puppet made of clay or he is part of divine light that got entangled in the cage of immortal body. Who is vehemently hoping, that one day death will suddenly appear like a unchained Prometheus and let it be free from humiliating and heart wrenching prison of Zeus and blessed him with everlasting freedom. Although, human is anxious to know about the essence of his existence. But he is much more ardent to know about the purpose, for which he is send into this world. Although many doctrines and principles has been proposed regarding the purpose of human existence. But here special importance is given to existentialism philosophy of thrown away and causality principle of behaviorism.

In contrast to Biswinger philosophy of thrown away i.e. human is thrown into this world without any predetermined goal and he will remain in this world until or unless angel of death seized his soul.

Whereas, causality principle tend to emphasized that every existing thing have some cause to serve. In other words, every human being has come to this universe with some divine purpose. So that he could play his part and contribute in the betterment of this world. Hence his whole life revolves around exploring that purpose and learning ways and mode so that he could accomplish the assigned purpose efficiently and vigorously.

During this phase of self exploration, human might went through many hurdles, dejection. And get him messed up between triad negative thoughts and social rejections.

Such negativity in return posed a serious bulwark in the accomplishment of their pre-decided purpose.

As consequences of these negative tenets and fallacy perception, starts doubting their selves and derailed from the right course of their lives. And they scrambled in quagmire of illusions.

For these, weak and confused soul’s illusions become so attractive and fascinating that they start considering it the reality and start running after things, which take them far away from their divine purpose. in return despite working hard , making struggles , attaining higher degrees and lucrative jobs, they never gets satisfied and contended. And strong feelings of emptiness and incompleteness will always be there to make them feel depressed and dejected.

And reason behind this miserable state is that such person belongs to generation who is lost and they are making themselves tired for the sake of things which are temporary and purposeless. A confused and miserable generation, who have all facilities, resources but they have no vision and defined purpose. In contrast to this lost generation, there is another generation, who is known for its sagacity and Enlightenment. The people of that generation tend to embellish their minds instead of their outer appearance. Those roaming souls filled with liquor of defined purpose, contentment and humanity. And because of theses empathetic traits and positive hallmarks they turned out to be blue eyes boys for generations to come.

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