6,70 Muslims Killed in One Month

(Soha Saleem, Karachi)

At least 730 young children among people shot, burned or beaten to death in Rakhine state.More than 6,700 Rohingya Muslims, including at least 730 children under the age of five, were killed in the first month of a crackdown in Myanmar.Some of the worst violence is believed to have occurred in Tula Toli, in a village in Maungdaw township, where survivors say residents were rounded up on riverbanks and shot as they tried to flee. The Guardian has seen videos taken by villagers showing the corpses of children washed up on shores.The numbers should shock the conscience of the international community and stir them to action. Currently, people are still fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh and those who do manage to cross the border still report being subject to violence in recent weeks.Those responsible must be held to account and sanctions must be imposed on those who are behind these atrocities.The US embassy called the detentions “highly irregular”. The Myanmar military has filed charges against the journalists under the Official Secrets Act, which carries a maximum prison term of 14 years.May Allah Mercy upon all the victims.Aameen

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