How to be positive when the world is negative.

(Alina Nisar, Karachi)

Do you sometimes feel that the world around you is negative? Do you easily get irritated and frustrated, not knowing how to deal with this negativity and keep going in your life? If yes so here are some powerful tips that will help you to keep calm, positive and deal with the difficulties that you encounter on your way when life gets rough:

1- ESCAPE THE TRAP OF BLAME: Instead of constantly criticising and blaming others, dare to criticise  your own behaviour and find out ways to overcome your wrong doings.
2- CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS CAREFULLY: Those who surround you can immensely influence who you are  and how you live, so be sure to spend time with those who are cheerful and uplifting.
3- LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE TO NEGATIVE MEDIA: Select your sources of information and entertainment  thoughtfully to make sure that they won't mess up with your psychology.
4- FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM: Problems are there so that we can learn from them and overcome them instead of looking at them as obstacles, try to use them as stepping stones for your own benefit.
5- BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD: If the world always seems negative around you, that could mean that you project your own negativity onto the world. To help turn the world into a better place, start from turning yourself into a better person. As per a saying:

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آپ کی رائے
keep it up my ALLAH bless you! good work!
By: ashir siddiqui, karachi on May, 28 2018
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very important topic to highlight, well written especially the way solutions are discussed to ver come such issues.
By: sana, karachi on May, 28 2018
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Best hogaya mam alina
By: Mushahid, Karachi on May, 28 2018
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By: Mehak Raza, Karachi on May, 28 2018
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