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(10 Telepathy Secret)
Almost everyone has wondered how to read someone’s mind telepathically at one time or another.Whether you’re someone who wants to know if your crush has the same feelings or you’re a concerned parent wondering if your child is keeping secrets, the idea of discovering someone else’s thoughts has captivated humans for thousands of years.

What is Telepathy?
Derived from the words “tele” – which means distance and “patheia” – which means feeling, the word Telepathy could be literally defined as a distant feeling or sensing from a distance. Thought of through the ages as the communication between two minds, Telepathy is transferring and receiving thought.

This incredible phenomena happens more frequently than you might think. Have you ever thought of someone and then they call or email you? Have you ever said something as someone else laughed and said “I was just thinking that”? If so, you may have experienced Telepathy first hand, however it's worth mentioning that those events can also occur as a co-incidence.
How do you read someone's mind telepathically?

There’s more to it than just performing a magic spell or wishful thinking. You need to learn how to create a true link with others, which starts with attuning your own mind. Discover how to read someone's mind telepathically in the following 10 secret steps:

Secret One: Have Faith in the Process
Both you and the “target” person (the Sender and the Receiver) need to believe in telepathy. Coming at it with a skeptical mind can harm the subtle energies and thought processes involved in creating a telepathic link. At least keep an open mind and trust that your desire to be successful will enhance your experience and bring results.

Secret Two: Be Patient
Keep in mind that it’s not an exact science and don’t expect something from a fantasy movie. Remember that practice makes perfect and you may not see positive results straight away. Keep open and watch for anything out of the ordinary, in case you miss something subtle in the moment, yet powerful in the long run.

Secret Three: Choosing a Partner
Ensure that the person you choose to assist you in your experiments is someone who is like-minded and open to sharing their thoughts. It’s also better if they are someone you are close to and someone you trust. Make sure they are on the same page, and someone who knows how to relax and focus.

Secret Four: Understanding the Roles
There are two roles involved in Telepathy: the Sender and the Receiver. Make sure you discuss and decide who will send the message and who will receive it. The Receiver needs to keep their mind blank in order to receive the message and the sender needs to focus carefully on the message being sent.

Secret Five: Preparing Mind, Body and Spirit
Starting off with meditation is key, but first off – make sure you didn’t eat or drink something that will disrupt your session. Sit opposite each other and go into a deep meditation, where you will both focus on creating a connection. Filter out distracting thoughts and prepare for sending/receiving the message.

Secret Six: The Message
Keep it simple, like an image or emotion, symbolized by a simple visual. To start with, use something like a flower or a smiley face. You might even choose a single word. You can create more complex messages as you grow stronger with your practice. Try not to hint with facial expressions, and definitely don't accidentally mention it before the session or choose something that you were recently discussing.

Secret Seven: The Reveal
On one hand, try not to blurt random things out if you’re the receiver, but on the other hand – if you think you’ve got it, tell the sender. You might have discussed alternative methods of revealing the message, like writing it down on a piece of paper, etc. Whatever the method, try to remain focused, however - the first thought is usually correct.

Secret Eight: Discuss
You might find that you were not successful. It might be that the Sender wasn’t sending a clear message or the Receiver wasn’t focused. Compare notes and see if the message was close but not entirely accurate. If the Sender was thinking of a flower and the Receiver saw a garden, it’s a partial success.

Secret Nine: Practice and Repeat
Even though you might be enthusiastic, try not to exhaust yourselves and therefore think of it as an arduous task. Keep your sessions short – no more than twenty minutes at a stretch. Have a break, come back and try again. Remember to keep the channel of communication open, maintaining the connection.

Secret Ten: Experiment
As you progress, you might come up with fun ways to experiment, such as having the Receiver in another room, and using more complex messages such as music, sentences or particular thoughts. Use Psychic flashcards, called Zener cards, or prepare programmed dreams to share. You are only limited by your imagination.

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