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“Mental peace is always evolve from mind, it have nothing to do with fate”
I was akin to general public in having very prejudiced and biased views about harlots and courtesan. For me they were the most disgraced human species, who even don’t have a sense of self-respect and dignity. But it all got changed, when I got a chance to visit whorehouse situated near my home town. Where, I saw a beautiful harlot in white, with a great wisdom. Which I had never saw before in my entire life. Her eyes were magnetically so pure, stunning and inquisitive that every time I look into those questioning and whining eyes. I always felt that something with a very divine power is attracting me towards it. Something that was full of peace, serenity and godliness. She was full of mysteriousness, like an untouched shinning pearl that might be separated from its rosary, with having a great potential to hypnotize the mind and souls.

Her divine transcending skills become quite evident, as she started dancing. While, she was roaming in the hall, a strange mysticism starts prevailing in the hall and soaks us in the liquor of spirituality. And drag us into the divine stream of unconscious and filled our mind with endless symphonies of joy and ecstasy. For us that joy was like the most precious moment of life, it was so mesmerizing that all of us want that joy to become permanent part of our lives. I by myself was so absorbed in that moment that for a while totally forgot my individuality and existence. But that entire hypnotizing spell comes to end when bawd asked me to leave the hall as the dance was over. Although by the end of dance everything got normalized, but that experienced turned my bored and distraught souls into lissome and roseate. And make me light weighted by taking away my all sorrows and miseries.

Although that sage hypnotizing scarlet woman was so reserved and self-centered that no one got a chance to have a talk with her. Fortunately, nature blessed me with a great opportunity to have a face to face conversation with that charismatic colleen. While I was talking with her, I never felt that I was talking with some bizarre woman, who tends to magnetized others by selling her dignity and grace. Rather I felt like, I was interacting with someone having centuries of sagacity. And my astonishment reached to its apex, when she looked at me and said "I knew for what you are looking for, you are looking for some modern and bold tart???”. I looked at her but I don’t know why but I remained silent. And she continued with her words by saying “although human are rational and logical beings but we have limitations in defining and understanding things in its true context. We are followers of Aristotle for whom objectivity was everything. But the reality is quite different; our world is full of illusion and subjectivity having very fuzzy boundaries. Under such circumstance, deprived person like me always wander that, how could someone be so sure in deciding ones character, intensions and loyalties?” how could one can label someone , when he didn’t have a insight to look behind the wall? She paused for while, than look at me and said “what are your views on my concerns?”

Finally that moment comes from which I was running away but still I have to break my silence and said “without any doubt you are right in your concerns but you have missed one thing. That is, human are social beings, we are mire toys in the hand of fate and society; therefore, we are bound to move in the direction of flow. Otherwise it would ruin us and our innocent dreams. Hence, neither we could dare to go against this flow nor we make everyone against us by denying the facts, which have been taught to us for centuries”.

She remains silent for while and then said “don’t you think throng have been deluded in the name of flow?? because if we are toys in the hand of fate and society, who are destined to dictate us, how to perceive the world, then why nature have given us with mind and heart, why it didn’t raise stone heads. If I m tart for the world, who sale herself for the sake of money, then what you label rest of people, who also sell part of them for the sake of money... Why don’t you define them as scarlet and womanizer as well? Why this flow is so partial? Why don’t you people just free reins of your mind? On this I said “ flow is a part of nature, if we move against flow its will destroy beauty of nature, you are right that we tend to sale part of us to earn the bread for our survival but there is hell of difference between us and your approach of earning bread. No one forced to you people become pleasure toy” then “why you people segregate us from the rest of world, why this flow help us to improve our living conditioned, why this flow didn’t help us to defeat our lynch mob” while she was saying these words her eyes were full of tears and sorrows. Her words really move my heart and I was totally lost in the essence of words she spells over me. I want to console her but before I before I said anything to comfort her, bawd called her and she went inside by saying " no one wants to become pleasure toy as one can’t defeat his until or unless this flow of society helps him in letting his mind free my allow inferiority and deprivations, because contentment are child brain of min. Therefore, it’s better for flow to lose the rein of their mind. Only then they would be position to realized that what I m and what they are!" Afterwards she went inside and closed the door.

On my way to home, I try critically analyzed her words and concerns. And finally I reached to my conclusion that it’s only mind that could bring social equality and peace. Whereas, fate is directed by mental freedom and it’s the flow which give us this freedom. Therefore, it better to modify and educate the flow, instead of raising fingers on weak and deprived people. Only then we will become successful in creating peaceful and crime free environment.

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