Every Profession forms a unified whole

(Syed Saad Hussain, Karachi)

The world we lived in was molded into a form of the globe under the platform of relationship such that no one can succeed on his/her own effort alone except through the collaboration, help, services, and assistance of one another because humanity is a relationship being. A country consists of people belonging to several groups of jobs. Everyone has a duty in a society. A group of people becomes a society when all people do what they are supposed to do. The division of the labor makes people live together in peace and harmony.

Starting with, I live in a country where the most desirable professions are still doctors and engineers. All other professions are just good for nothing. There have been some changes about this opinion especially among young people in the recent times. That is why I, who wanted to be an engineer due to family pressure when I was little decided to become a pilot and an accountant when I was old enough to make a choice, even when I had enough educational qualifications to follow Pre-engineering in my intermediate. I understood not everyone has to be a doctor if we are to serve this society. Some may disagree with me, but the majority of the open-minded people will agree with me.

If anyone wants to become a noble profession like the doctor, we should first ask ourselves if we really care about the society and its beings.

Furthermore, Every profession has its own requirements that people perform to do this job. Some of them require a university education, as well as some of them, requires another The most important thing that should be considered when choosing a profession is who will choose this job is proper as physical and psychological. It is a fact, a person does not like his/her job cannot be successful in his/her job and fruitful for the country. However, that’s popular the professions require university degree because that’s believed it’s essential to be graduated from university to have a good job.

We are all talented differently, as our facial appearance are different, so as our assignments and purposes on earth are different. If the passion and your profession are parallel to each other, you are more likely to succeed in your job. Everyone can't become a medical doctor as well everyone can't become an engineer and so on. Otherwise, we will lose the coherence and excitement of being. Every profession plays a good amount of role in making a country prosperous, It doesn’t matter whether they require a university graduation or not, all of them are essentially valuable for a country.

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