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A story of "Audacity 01"

I would like to introduce you about a girl who has extraordinaire role and bumping expectations are yonder sky. Her eyes have full of anticipations, perceptible determinations, and immaculate vision, loyal and committed to achieve her dreams between the mountains. She has a heart-touching story which induces us to turn our anxieties towards her. She hasn’t any source of income except kind-hearted hands of her grandparents. After divorce of her parents her schooling was a big question to the knee-bough grandparents. The harsh time was really begun to her as her grandfather almost stopped walking. The three younger sisters and her grandparents is relying on her for lunch, dinner, breakfast, washing of clothing, cleaning of house, preparing them for school and the rest of time she does her school/home-work. Let me allow reading the described script through your own eyes which allowed us via her rubbernecked eyes and destitute words;

“I am SYEDA BATOOL from such a region where being is almost the firmest. I lost syndicate of parents as they both divorced, now married and living away from us. My father left my hand along with 3 younger sisters and we are in our grandpa’s home. Grand-parents are aged and they are taking care of us. They both are neither able to prepare meal nor able to wash cloths and rely on my hands. My eyes get wet when it appreciate unwillingly to the mothers of my fellow friends. The fellow friends are enjoying a lot at home and with games. They are gratified because they have mother’s fondness, father’s active assistance, encouragement and ovations. I felt that I can’t keep continue my early education and feel lots of lack of self-efficacy when my parents left me. Let me wink your eyes on my daily chores in a simple word. “I am a good farmer, sister, girl and a struggling student to assist the society girls; like me, in future.”

She has been getting up early in the morning and starts to prepare breakfast after her prayers. She has been taking care of her grandfather and her two younger siblings. The breakfast ends with cries and unfulfilled demands of little-champs. She keeps the small children neat and well-dressed. She cuts the grains to keep the fence in proper way. She is remaining busy in her household work to such an extent that she has no time for relation and enjoyment. The time is to feed the animals in a hurry, next she mope the house and bed rooms along with kitchen. She has to rush to schools and to study till mid of the day. The rest of children have the happiness to see prepared food and parents at home but she has to cook lunch after her school. After her lunch, prepare the farming gears and rush to her lands. Though she doesn’t know much about farming but try to wind up the tasks as much as she can. The time of recreations and games she missed and arrives home with tired arms. Her tasks don’tendhere. She has to prepare brunch and medicine for her grandfather. She has to call her siblings to home and has to prepare dinner. The dinner finished and dishes been washed and move the youngers to bed and she has to recall the day teachings from school. She has to show her extra ordinaries in education. She does work and study awaking late till mid of night. Some time she sleeps with books in her hands by keeping torn pillow at her shoulder.

She isn’t fed up yet from such monotonous life and she never asks storm to take her in its lap to have peace over this life. There is no one to love her. She feels alone even in the company of her fellows in school. She desires to enjoy the beauty and company of nature. She has feelings as a human being with flesh and blood. She thinks that nobody is her friend except empty rooms of her home, some yowling sounds of animals in her neighbor, sun, rain, sky, mountain, river, leaf, stone, star and moon glow. She keep studying and has been achieved the “Student of the Year”, “Topper of School”, “1st Position of her Class”, cash prizes and lots of appreciations to her and the most interestingly got the name “Malala of Baltistan”. She is the role model for the rest of whole girls of Baltistan.

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