Stop blaming others

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

Personal development

Whenever something occurs out of our expecting zone, many of us make assumptions, it must be someone else fault, it must be because of this and that. Blaming has become a part of our lives , we are used to with it .We blame others about our actions and forget about our reactions.

We blame everything for its presence even we blame ourselves for our presence why I am here, I am this and that and in this way we start our day with blaming and end with blaming so there's no improvement, no betterment.

At first we stop to blame others although it's difficult but it's not impossible. Start it with small thing ,with small act .Yeah there's some circumstances when others interubt our actions but then how can we control the reactions of us that's important .It's we who can take the responsibility of every action of ours.

Notice what happens when you stop blaming others. When we stop blaming others for the circumstances and actions, we focus on ourselves , we use our energy our potential upon improving ourselves for betterment .Circumstances don't make person but reveal them upon there selves and others. When we stop blaming others for circumstances and take the responsibility of our reactions then the change begins, betterment starts. For example when the house is mess rather than assuming that you're are only person who play your part, clean it up.

Blaming others takes great amount of mental energy and uses a lot of our potential it pushes us down and down and develop "drag me down "mindset that creates stress and depression. All that feel you pity about yourself and drag all your powers and then you waste all your energy on blaming others for your circumstances which reduces your potential and makes you worse. Then you have no work except blaming others and you feel others responsible for your life actions as your happiness , sadness all depends upon others behaviours and actions which you cannot control and in this way you lost your own self . Blaming makes you feel powerless over your own life.

When you stop blaming others, you 'll regain your sense of personal power. You 'll see your self as a choice makes. You will feel your potential and save your energy that help you to make your life better. You will focus on your strengths and weaknesses and 'll have time and potential to appreciate your strengths and improve your weakness rather than blaming others. And you will realize that you are the one who's responsible for every act of yours and can control every action of yours. You're the one who can control you responses when you are happy and sad .No circumstances can completely alternate your actions until you allow them. You will feel life is beautiful above blames and assumptions.

Life is a great deal more fun ,much easier to manage when you stop blaming. Let's try and see what happens .


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